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Richard Taylor, Thomas Civil & Environmental Consultants

I work predominantly in the area of water loss management, and mostly within New Zealand. I have completed numerous water balances (and associated review of data, processes etc), a number of water loss strategies, and I am directly involved in the network sectorization of two water supplies (22,000 connections and 54.000 connections). In 2012 I completed an asset management assignment (3 months) in Western Samoa, and in 2014 an asset management review for American Samoa.
I have strong water supply operational and planning experience due to my 22 years at the former Waitakere City Council in Auckland. I was responsible for the water supply network and directly involved with the sectorization of the network (70,000 connections) including pressure management. Non-Revenue water was reduced from 25% to 11%, and levels of real water losses were reduced to world class standards (ILI of 1.0).