Royal Society of New Zealand

What is the Royal Society of New Zealand?

The Royal Society of New Zealand has operated since 1867. Under its Act ‘the object of the society is the advancement and promotion of Science and Technology in New Zealand’.

We promote science and technology in schools, in industry and in society. We administer several funds for science and technology, publish science journals, offer advice to Government, and foster international scientific contact and co-operation.

What we do: the functions of the Royal Society

For the purpose of advancing and promoting science and technology in New Zealand, the functions of the Society are:

  • To foster in the New Zealand community a culture that supports science and technology, including (without limitation) the promotion of public awareness, knowledge, and understanding of science and technology; and the advancement of science and technology education:
  • To encourage, promote, and recognise excellence in science and technology:
  • To provide an infrastructure and other support for the professional needs and development of scientists and technologists:
  • To establish and administer for members a code of professional standards and ethics in science and technology:
  • To provide expert advice on important public issues to the Government and the community:
  • To do all other lawful things which the Council considers conducive to the advancement and Promotion of science and technology in New Zealand
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