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The Payoff of Switching to Eventbrite

An internal solution may cost you more than you realise. Discover how much more revenue you can generate by switching to Eventbrite.

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Let's start with the basics

What type of events do you organise?

What do you typically charge for tickets/registration?

How many paid events did you host in the last year?

What’s the average attendance for your events?

How many people visit your event website each year?

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Now let’s talk about your purchase process.

Based on your number of visitors and buyers, here’s what we know so far:


of your website visitors buy tickets or register from your event


of potential attendees never complete your purchase flow


By making it easier for people to buy tickets with a streamlined purchase process, you could see a big jump in ticket sales. Keep going to find out how.

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How many steps does someone have to take to buy a ticket to your event?

What percent of people visit your website from a mobile device?

Is your purchase process built for mobile devices?


Let’s talk about efficiency.

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You’re likely pouring more time and money into your existing system than you realise. Let’s figure out how much you could save.

How much does your current system cost to maintain annually? (Consider hosting and software costs)

How many hours a week do employees spend on manual tasks related to your current ticketing system?


Just one step left.

You could make between - more by switching to Eventbrite.

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Wow, you’re awesome!

You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into streamlining your system. You might not save money by switching systems, but it’s worth considering how event technology could help you sell more tickets. Check out 7 Strategies to Sell More With Your Ticketing & Registration Tech to learn more.

That’s how much more you could make every year by switching to Eventbrite.

Your current system is preventing interested buyers from completing their purchase, and causing your staff to waste hours each year on manual tasks. Save time and money by ditching your internal ticketing or registration system.

We’d love to help you identify new ways to sell more and increase your revenue. Contact us here or call 1800 820 172 to get started.

We'd love to help you make this revenue a reality. Contact us here or call 0800 448 422 to get started.

The numbers behind the calculator:

According to a study by Ticketmaster, each additional step in the ticket purchase process causes 10% fewer people to buy tickets. Studies also show a 160% lift in purchase completion with mobile-optimised payments. We also assumed a $55k per year salary for the team member tasked with manual tasks related to ticketing and registration.

Learn more about these studies here.

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