Cacao Ceremony & Shaking Medicine

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Lotus Yoga Centre

91 Ruapehu Street

Paraparaumu, Wellington 5032

New Zealand

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Here comes a new exciting collaboration of two healing modalities - plant medicine and shaking medicine. Come drop into your body and heart

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Shaking Medicine is a body-based therapy. It can be known by different names: Therapeutic Neurogenic Tremouring, Spontaneous Kundalini Kriya, TRE Trauma Release, OSHO Kundalini Meditation.

Coming back to this innate, internal mechanism we can support the processing of emotions and energy through movement. Shaking Medicine can help release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma, encourage parasympathetic states and help us to fine tune our electrical systems through gentle vibration. Great for various mental health ailments such as PTSD, alleviate pains, aches, inflammation and support lymphatic drainage. Enhance your resilience to future stressful or traumatic events and be in your most healthy and energetic state of well being.

We have been taught to be dismissive of conduct that appears to be "out of control". In many ways our culture encourages and respects the mindset of "being in control" so naturally there can be a fear or avoidance of anything that appears to be out of control. The more we suppress our natural states of expression, healthy emotional regulation and freedom, we will seek experiences that provide a moment of letting go-sometimes through sex, drugs or pushing edges.

Find more on the benefits here:

6-Week Live Online Shaking Medicine Teacher Training, July-August 2021


In a sacred circle we will all have a cup of the original and 100% pure ceremonial cacao and allow it to awaken our heart and soul.

Cacao is an amazing plant medicine – a powerful aphrodisiac, mood enhancer, and an antioxidant that protects the heart. It is densely packed with nutrients and proven to be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature.

It can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, increase blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin – the whole body is nourished.

Cacao contains the neurotransmitters and chemicals responsible for wellbeing, as well as anandamide, known as the bliss molecule that leaves us feeling euphoric, moderating pain perception, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.

When high quality cacao beans are prepared for ceremony as they will be in this offering, all the mood enhancing nero-chemicals in cacao become particularly active.

Sacred cacao ceremony participants often report heightened awareness, focus and intensified sensations.

Cacao is not only healing for the body, but also for the soul and spirit as it is heart opening and an amazing meditation aid.

Radha works with Shaman Keith Wilson’s cacao, carefully and ethically sourced premium beans that are made into paste around the magical lake Atitlan. Cacao Shaman Keith was the pioneer of the revival of Cacao as a sacred ceremonial drink in Guatemala.

The tradition of drinking ceremonial cacao originates in the ancient culture of the Mayas in Central America. It was believed to carry the spirit of fertility and abundance. The goddess of chocolate, Ixcacao, was also known as the ‘queen of love and pleasure’, connected with the energy of the heart. Later cacao was served in ceremonial context in nowadays Mexico, in the Azteca and Olmec cultures.


- Water bottle - please come well hydrated, and continue to drink after the ceremony as cacao is diuretic

- Comfortable clothing

- Journal and pen if you’d like to capture your experience in that way

Before a cacao ceremony avoid:

- Coffee for at least 6 hours prior

- Mind-altering substances on the day of the ceremony - alcohol, THC, etc.

- Reduce the intake of dairy products on the day of the ceremony

- Avoid eating large amounts of food 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony (unless you have blood sugar issues and have a snack)

Health precautions:

- Antidepressants - some medications interact with the MAO inhibitors in Cacao and that reaction can create side effects, such as headaches

- Food sensitivities - if you’re sensitive to fermented foods, Cacao will not be a good option for you

- Pregnancy and breastfeeding - there are no known contraindications, in fact, Cacao would likely support breastfeeding and nourishment of expecting mothers. So just tune into your own body and have a smaller dose, if needed

- Animals - keep Cacao away from any animals, including your pet friends as it contains natural compounds that are great for humans but deadly for animals

Experience: Every person’s experience in a ceremony is different and each ceremony will be different. Set the right intention and then let go - trust that Cacao will bring you the exact medicine needed for the moment.


Facilitated by Radha Iveta and Sarah Wolfe

About Radha

Guided by Radha from Heart Awakening, an experienced 500h E-CYT yoga and meditation teacher and a ceremonial cacao practitioner. Radha was among the first people to bring cacao ceremonies to New Zealand.

She encountered the cacao plant in ceremonial context in 2012 while living in its native lands of Central America for several years. It was love at first sight and her relationship with the spirit of this super food grew as she learned how to prepare the rich cacao drink from the tree to the cup.

Having participated in various ceremonies facilitated by shamans, healers or friends in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, Radha started facilitating ceremonies herself in 2014 in Europe. An experienced space holder being a Yoga Teacher and a retreat facilitator, she loves sharing her passion for community, authenticity and self-knowledge in combination with the cacao spirit.

Radha serves only best quality ceremonial cacao by chocolate shaman Keith Wilson.

About Sarah

Sarah Wolfe is a qualified Shaking Medicine Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. Her career began in Canada in 2013. In the last five years she has shared both the healing benefits of Traditional Hot Yoga and Shaking Medicine throughout Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia, Hawaii and now resides in Wellington, New Zealand.

Shaking Medicine is an instinctive mechanism that anyone can access at any time for self-regulation and liberation. As we allow the shake to move through us it unravels physical and emotional tension while anchoring us into a deeper state of relaxation.

In a Shaking Medicine experience first we begin by becoming more grounded within, this may include Breath Work, Qi Gong based gentle movements, Yoga, Tao Yin, spinal articulations and/or moving meditation. Once in this state of being we can then safely tune into the tremor mechanism. To truly understand it, embodiment is key. The journey is absolutely unique every time. Shaking Medicine is a practice of learning to let go of control and trust your intuition.

Sarah aims to provide an experience of freedom, through her authentic embodiment of this practice and by being a living, breathing example of how we can simply BE enough by showing up. Let us move, breathe, bounce, shake, laugh, sweat, break. Let us shake up all things in our life.

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Date and time


Lotus Yoga Centre

91 Ruapehu Street

Paraparaumu, Wellington 5032

New Zealand

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