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China Marketing Exposed - June 2016 webinar

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China has a billion potential customers, but how do you reach them? This 45-minute online webinar gives you the first steps you need to know to get started with marketing to the world's largest consumer market.

Do these questions keep you up at night?

  • How do I reach the growing Chinese market for my products and services?

  • What do they want?

  • How do I understand them?

  • How are buying decisions made in modern-day Chinese culture?

  • What kind of social media is popular in China?

  • How do businesses use social media to find, win and keep customers?

Across the western world, companies large and small are grappling with these questions. Among all the nations of the world, China presents unique challenges to non-Chinese marketers - challenges that must be overcome in order to realise the potential of the world's largest consumer market.

  • Challenge #1: The Chinese language has been described as the hardest language in the world.

  • Challenge #2: Chinese and Western cultures have more differences than similarities, often very subtle.

  • Challenge #3: The online marketing environment is totally different from any other country, with the main global players blocked, and local alternatives dominating.

Because of these unique challenges, marketers end up doing a lot of "accidental trust".

  • Is my Chinese distributor representing my brand well (and legally?)

  • Is my Chinese staff member doing a good job on our company's weibo or wechat?

  • Does my translation company understand marketing? Does my marketing company understand how to translate correctly?

In China Marketing Exposed, you'll learn about:

  • A day in the life of your Chinese consumer

  • China in a nutshell - key demographics about the Middle Kingdom

  • Marketing landscape - including the supersonic growth of mobile, social and ecommerce

  • Weibo vs. Wechat - which one's better? (Hint: it's a trick question)

  • How social media works for research and customer experience, as well as marketing

  • KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders): how to identify and cultivate them

You'll walk away from this webinar equipped to:

  • Understand the context of marketing in China

  • Brief your Chinese staff or agency with confidence

  • Get better results and ROI

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