Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - PART-TIME Wellington - Kapiti

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Alpha Hypnotherapy - Wellington Branch

39 Moana Road

Paraparaumu, Wellington 5032

New Zealand

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Become a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy completed over 5 weekends.

About this Event

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

This event is for a part time course run on the weekends in 5 parts in Wellington. (All Parts must be completed)

Part 1: 20th-21st Feb or 20th - 21st March

Part 2: April 17-18th

Part 3: 23-24th May

Part 4: 26th-27th June

Part 5: 1-2 August

Learn Hypnotherapy Part-Time (Weekend Courses) 

Do you want to learn how to become a hypnotist? Interested in effective communication and how to improve the mind and emotions.  

Maybe you are currently in the health and wellness profession and you are looking to add some more skills to your toolbox.

This course is designed and developed to provide you with the latest knowledge, tools and techniques of hypnotherapy, nlp and counselling

It's important that you choose the best hypnosis school for you and one that gives you the confidence to be a skilled Hypnotherapist. 

About Alpha Hypnotherapy Training

Alpha Hypnotherapy's Award Winning Founder Roger Saxelby has been teaching, researching and refining this course curriculum since the 80's. We offer a course that provides you with all the in-depth knowledge, practical expertise and confidence with "Real Clients". 

Lynda Johnson your Trainer, is a Certified Adult Educator, Trainer and Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching. She has her own private practice "That's Better" and has been training in the field of Holistic Health for 15 years and has been invited several times onto Good Morning TVNZ.  

Learn more about Alpha Hypnotherapy

Benefits - Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

In-depth knowledge and Expertise - 16 years Experience and courses that have been running since the 80s.

Practical Hypnosis Experience & Confidence with Real Clients

Feel Confident to Use Hypnosis In Your Business

Core Coaching, Counselling & Effective Communication Skills

Hypnotherapy scripts for a wide range of client issues

Growing Your Business Practice

Who Can Take This Hypnotherapy Course?

    Professional or Personal Self-Development

    Health & Wellness Professionals

    Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dentists, Doctors, Social Workers, Natural Health Practitioners, Teachers, Coaches, Sales & Business Professionals. 

*Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the high standard of the course that we deliver we will give you a money back guarantee of 100%, providing you inform us before the last day of your course.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course Curriculum

Personal Development for SuccessEach day we begin with a hypnosis session - “programming” for the brain - for building confidence, learning, memory, concentration, etc. This will help you as you go through the course and to step out into the world as a confident hypnotherapist.

Building Confidence with Real ClientsIt is important for you to practice your skill and throughout the course you get the opportunity to practice your skills with other students and real clients and get valuable feedback.

The following list includes many of the subjects included in Alpha’s Practitioner module. The first module also includes the Introduction to Hypnotherapy audios so you can get started straight away.

Master Key To Success“How the Mind “Works”Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

Levels of Consciousness

Rules of the Mind

Discover Your Mind Power

How our Mind Effects our Six Senses

Functions of the Subconscious Mind

Five Principles of “Programming the Subconscious Mind

The Nature of Hypnosis

Wheel of Life

Establishing & Setting SMART Goals

Cultivating Gratitude and Client

Client Coaching & Questioning techniques

Applications of Self-HypnosisMastering Self-HypnosisSaxelby’ s “Instant” Self-HypnosisRapid Change TechniquesHow to Create Successful Auto-SuggestionsHow To Re-Programme” Your Sub-Conscious Mind.Creating a ContractInstant Self HypnosisConstructing SuggestionsSelf-AnchoringIntroduction To Hypnotism & The MindFamous Users of HypnosisDefinitions of HypnosisHypnosis Facts/Fallacies / Myths and MisconceptionsEssential Traits of a successful HypnotherapistWhat is a HypnotistOccupation of Hypnotherapist definedImagination & The Right BrainThe Brain & Nervous SystemRules of the MindThoughts and Physical ManifestationsHow Ideas Can Affect Organs and GlandsImagination Tests – Magnetized Fingers, Locked Fingers, Lemon Exercise, Balloon & Bucket Test, Magnetic Hand, Hand Clasp and the force. Signs of HypnosisLevels of TranceSuggestibility ‘Tests’. ‘Laws’ of Suggestion Rules for Structuring Successful SuggestionsBasic Permissive RelaxationsSuggestion, Induction & HypnosisSix Depth Stages of HypnosisDavis Husband ScaleTHE LE CRON-BORDEAUX SCALESigns of Hypnosis3 Step InductionRe-orientation or ‘Awakening’.Responsibilities of a HypnotherapistCould this also be added to this module?Laws of SuggestionTypes of Suggestion CompoundingSuggestibility ‘Tests’Rules for Structuring Successful SuggestionsFormat for Structuring ScriptsCreating & Writing ScriptsEssential Keys of Creating Effective SuggestionsEnding the Session – Post Hypnotic SuggestionsFundamentals of HypnosisEssentials for successful HypnosisHelpful Hints for beginners & Client Sessions First ContactExplaining Hypnosis to a Client & Answering Client QuestionsReview Important Do’s & Don’ts in the interviewThe Hypnotic ContractBefore Beginning HypnosisExplaining Hypnosis to a clientClient ManagementThe Ten Stages Of TranceThe Resistant Client The Hypnosis Session & QuestionnairePre-Induction Protocol & Suggestibility TestingTechniques to Induce HypnosisFormat for Structuring Scripts Essentials for successful hypnosis Levels of TranceTrance RecognitionTrance RatificationEnding the Trance (Re-Orientation)Format For Peer ReviewHypnotists ResponsibilityThe Limits of HypnosisThe Hypnotic FormulaMethods of HypnotherapyDeveloping a Hypnotists “Voice”Overview of Inductions, Re-Orientation or “Awakening”Pre-Induction Protocol and Suggestibility TestingBefore Beginning Hypnosis Effective Communication Skills & Core Counselling Skills ModuleSelf-AwarenessBeing with Our Clients Through the Healing ProcessCoaching v’s Counselling what is and isn’t.Essential Communication SkillsHelping Skills for UnderstandingActive ListeningTriads & Peer Review FeedbackBuilding RapportBody LanguageInterviewing Your ClientImportant Do’s & Don’tsSetting Realistic GoalsParaphrasing, Clarifying, SummarizingReflecting, SortingUseful Words & PhrasesFacilitative TraitsFeeling Words Overcoming Client Communication BlocksPersonalizingStages in the helping processMinimal Encouragers – Open – Closed QuestionsWhen to Say “No” and “Draw out” Your client                    Knowing When to Refer a clientContact – First Impressions do CountThe First SessionStep by Step SequenceThe Resistant ClientEnding the Session – Post SuggestionsHypnotic Inductions & TranceCharacteristics of Altered States of ConsciousnessNature of Altered States of ConsciousnessNaturalistic InductionsReview Levels of “Trance” – Depth Stages – Scales Trance RecognitionTrance RatificationEnding the Trance (Re-Orientation)Instant Inductions (Standing, Hand Press, Direct Gaze)Rapid Induction Rehearsal TechniqueTeaching Clients Self Hypnosis.Hypnotic Deepening TechniquesDynamics of ChangeHypnotic Deepening Techniques (various)Hypnotic Challenges and deepening (various)Subjective Hypnotic DepthEsdaile StateSomnambulismDirect & Indirect SuggestionsNaturalistic or Utilization MethodsDealing with AbreactionTransference & Counter-transferenceDeepening ProceduresInductionsGill Boyne Deepening TechniqueDeepening Compounding Techniques – The BlackboardFractionationAdvertising & MarketingPractice Management & Essentials for Successful HypnosisActing as a Professional Health & Safety At WorkRegulations to be aware of as a Health PractitionerNZ Hypnotherapy OverviewEssential Advice for beginnersSelf-CareResponsibilities of Being a TherapistKeeping a Log Journal, mentoring, case study supervision.Practice & Professional DevelopmentPractice Management & Code of EthicsCertification, Registration & InsurancesRegulations & Code of Ethics & Code of Health & DisabilitySelf-Development (Mentoring)Creating a Safe SpaceClient SafetyClient ConfidentialityTaking A Case HistoryIntake & Client Release FormsImportance of Record Keeping & SecurityHypnosis Responsiveness QuestionnairesClient Management Guidelines


Whilst we don't encourage the use of scripts with clients, having scripts can give you some useful ideas and assistance with language when you are starting your practice. Here are some of the scripts we provide information on.

    • Achieving Goals
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Anxiety
    • Anger – Road Rage
    • Attitude (Positive)
    • Creativity
    • Concentration
    • Disease
    • Enuresis (Bed wetting)
    • Ego Strengthening
    • Gambling/Alcohol
    • Fear Of Flying
    • Healing
    • Study and Learning
    • Insomnia
    • Memory Improvement
    • Nail Biting
    • Obstacles
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Impotence
    • Personal Development
    • Phobias
    • Premature Ejaculation
    • Procrastination
    • Public Speaking
    • Sexual Problems
    • Stress Management
    • Self Confidence
    • Stop Smoking
    •  Sports Improvement (Various)
    •  Self Esteem
    •  Surgery Preparation
    •  Weight Management (and more)
    •  Hypnotherapy for Children


Do check out our student testimonials on our facebook page. We know you would like to see what other students think about the course and here are some video testimonials. https://www.facebook.com/Alphahypnotherapytraining/videos/

Student TestimonialsI cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am a professional speaker and trainer in business and personal development and have a good idea of what is required in order to ensure all goes well. I found this hypnotherapy course to be very well prepared and delivered.  The content was excellent, with plenty of hands on involvement and practice which took us to the most amazing places and experiences.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough. For anyone wishing to learn one of the best therapy methods available. This is the one to do.  The facilitators at Alpha Hypnosis have an amazing range of experiences and success in hypnotherapy, and to my mind, are the only people to train with in New Zealand. This course is a must! Mal Ross, WhangareiSpeakers and Trainers in: Sales; Communication Skills; Personal Development & Motivation


If you would like more information on the Wellington Training. Do contact Lynda our Wellington Trainer on 021 510 378 or lynda@thatsbetter.co.nz

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Date and Time


Alpha Hypnotherapy - Wellington Branch

39 Moana Road

Paraparaumu, Wellington 5032

New Zealand

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