Experience HU, The Sound Of Soul – Online Event

Experience HU, The Sound Of Soul – Online Event

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We invite you to join us for a special evening of spiritual connection and community - online via ZOOM.

About this event

HU is a sacred sound and ancient mantra that can expand your awareness, calm your mind, and bring insights into your life. The 15-20 minute HU song is followed by a short contemplation, then relaxed spiritual conversation.

• Discover your inner guidance

• Healing for body, mind, and spirit

• A higher form of creativity

Regardless of your beliefs or faith, you can sing HU to bring more Divine Love into your life. This simple contemplation can also bring you an experience with the Light and Sound of God, a direct communication from Spirit that can transform and uplift your consciousness. When you sing HU and sit in quiet contemplation, the Light may appear as brightness, or colors on your inner visual screen. The Sound may be musical or the sounds of nature, such as the wind or the ocean.

Many people feel that singing HU with a group helps them to set aside the chatter of the mind and more fully immerse themselves in the spiritual experiences that this contemplation can provide. Some feel a revitalizing spiritual energy that allows them to emerge refreshed.

Please log in 5-10 minutes prior to 7:30pm so we can start on time.

“Love is love. And you are that.

HU is the Sound of Soul.”

—Sri Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul

Discover more or download the free HU app at at www.hearhu.org

Sponsored by ECKANKAR, The Path of Spiritual Freedom. For more information about Eckankar please visit www.eckankar.nz

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