Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building

Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building

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Ndudu Road Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Pongwe

Tanzania, United Republic of

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Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building

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Where did you learn about money? From your teachers in school? Your parents? A book? The truth is you probably didn’t learn about money from anywhere. Just the media, celebrity advisers, and people in the financial industry who want your money.

Even though many of us go to college or university, manage checking accounts, and earn tens of thousands of pounds a year, we are ignorant. We are not taught the basics of:

• Credit management

• Investments

• What to do with our paycheck

• How to plan our financial life

• How to plan for some kind of retirement

Most people were never taught — by family or by the educational system — how to manage their financial resources throughout the various stages of their lives. Instead, we learn from the popular culture what kinds of financial dreams we should have and yet aren’t told how to get there.

What will I learn on the course?

1: Money Management and Debt Reduction

• Part 1: Why should we manage money?

• Part 2: Behaviours that signal poor money management skills

• Part 3: Exit Debts or Manage Debt

2: Learning about Money

• Part 1: What is money?

• Part 2: How to Learn About Money

3: The Monthly Payment Trap

• Part 1: What is Monthly Payment Trap?

• Part 2: The Role of Interest on MPTs

4: Using Credit Wisely

• Part 1: What is Credit?

• Part 2: When you use credit wisely

5: How to Get Out of Debt

• Part 1: What is 'Debt?'

• Part 2: How to get out of debt: Your ten-step plan to getting your finances back under control

6: The Basics of Budgeting

• Part 1: What is a Budget?

• Part 2: How to Prepare a Budget

• Part 3: The Advantages of Living on a Budget

7: Importance of Financial Intelligence

• Part 1: Elements of Each Concept

• Part 2: Consequences of Poor Financial Intelligence

8: Laws of Financial Freedom

• Part 1: What Is Financial Freedom?

9: The Process of Financial Freedom

• Part 1: 6 Steps and Processes for Financial Freedom

• Part 2: Increase your Cash Flow

10: Your Personal Balance Sheet & Financial Statement

• Part 1: Personal Financial Statement

• Part 2: Net worth

11: Financial Audit and Creating Your Wealth Map

• Part 1: Personal Financial Audit

• Part 2: Establishing Financial Plans Goals to Build Your Wealth Map

• Part 3: Financial planning: a pre requisite to creating your wealth map

12: Gaining Control of the Expense Column

• Part 1: What is an 'Expense?'

• Part 2: Control Expenses and Improve Cash Flow

13: Credit Rating and Understanding Your Credit Report

• Part 1: Credit Report and Score Basics

• Part 2: Take Credit For Your Actions!

• Part 3: Credit Enquiries

14: The Money Paradigm Shift

• Part 1: What is a Paradigm?

• Part 2: Money: Power of Your Altitude Belief and Your Relationship with It

• Part 3: You Should Embrace Habits That Will Help You

15: Psychology of Wealth Creation

• Part 1: Rules for Psychology of Wealth Creation

• Part 2: Attributes of Wealthy People

• Part 3: Achieving Wealth Slowly

• Part 4: Building Wealth as a Project in Your Life

16: Advancing Towards a 5 Year Goal

• Part 1: The Rules of Successful Goal Setting

• Part 2: Goals Are the Building Blocks for Success

• Part 3: Looking Towards a 5 Year Goal

17: Increasing Your Streams of Income

• Part 1: Cashflow Quadrant

• Part 2: Extra Income Ideas

18: Passive Income and Active Income

• Part 1: The Cash Flow Quadrant

• Part 2: Active Income

• Part 3: Benefits of Passive Income

• Part 4: Active Vs Passive Income

19: Analysing Opportunities to Build Your Asset Column

• Part 1: The Asset Column Concept

• Part 2: Advantages of Long-Term Investment

20: Understanding & Building Wealth Through Real Estate

• Part 1: The Real Estate Investment

• Part 2: Ways to Invest

• Part 3: Lethal Mistakes Real Estate Investors Often Make

21: Understanding & Building Wealth Through Automated Businesses

• Part 1: The Concept of Automated business

• Part 2: Sign You Need to Invest in Automated Business Processes

• Part 3: Benefits of having an automated business

22: Understanding & Building Wealth Through Paper Assets

• Part 1: The Concept of Paper Asset

• Part 2: Why Stock Investing Should Appeal to You

• Part 3: Bonds

23: Understanding & Building Wealth Through Intellectual Property

• Part 1: The Concept of Intellectual Property

• Part 2: Nature of Intellectual Property

24: Understanding & Building Wealth Through Network Marketing

• Part 1: The Concept behind Network Marketing

• Part 2: Success in network marketing

• Part 3: Network Marketing Tips for Building Massive Wealth

25: Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts REITs

• Part 1: Types of REITs

• Part 2: Sector of Real Estate Investment Trust

• Part 3: Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trust

26: Wealth & Pensions

• Part 1: Pensions in United Kingdom

• Part 2: Eligibility for State Pension

• Part 3: Benefits for UK Pensioners

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Ndudu Road Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Pongwe

Tanzania, United Republic of

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