I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme - Coaching & Nutrition for Weight Loss

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102c Hobsonville Rd

102c Hobsonville Road

Auckland, Auckland 0618

New Zealand

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Are you looking to get your body confidence back? Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself and Break Bad Habits! The Good Life is waiting for you!

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I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme - Coaching & Nutrition for Weight Loss (3 months of ongoing personal support)

Have you tried again and again to lose weight only to fall back into old habits?

What holds you back from reaching your goals?

The only thing you need to know is that weight is not the issue and focusing on weight doesn’t help. The issue is the Behaviour around food and own Eating Habits.

The Behaviour Leads to Weight Issues and The Behaviour Needs to Change!

We are here to guide you along your journey of self-discovery and life transformation!

Together we can safely access and dig deep into the root causes of weight gain, low energy and lack of confidence! Together we can create healthy new habits for Your Good Life!

You Just Need to Start Building The Habits That Will Get You There One Day at a Time.

🚩 Please Note: This programme is NOT a diet!

I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme is a 3 month NLP Coaching programme with focus on empowering, motivating and teaching you HOW to change your thinking not only around food and eating, but also in all areas of your life! You will learn HOW to achieve anything that you desire and HOW to create the life you want!

The programme is a Lifestyle Change and it is Life Changing!

Why 3 Months?

Research shows that it takes more than two months before a new behaviour becomes a habit (becomes an automatic mental process).

How long it takes for a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the person, their personal life circumstances and the behaviour they want to change.In order to make lasting changes, you may need extra Help & Support with building up Motivation and Willpower.

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health & wellbeing and received the personal attention you deserve?

Your Personal Coach is here to support you in adopting the right Attitude and the right Mindset for achieving your weight goals success.

Mindset is everything!

👉🏻I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme consists of:

✔ 9 * NLP Coaching sessions with Ela Badea, NLP Practitioner & Coach – Member of New Zealand Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (First 6 sessions are weekly, and the following 3 sessions are fortnightly)

✔ 3 * Nutrition consultations with Debbie Elias, Registered Clinical Nutritionist – Member of Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand

✔ Resources and materials for your practical exercises & weekly homework

✔ Ongoing support for 3 months from Ela - your personal Life Coach

✔ Special “Celebration session” at the end of the programme

✔ 3 * monthly follow-up calls with Ela after the programme has finished (after the initial 3 months, offering you 6 months of one-on-one support from your coach)

Who is this programme for?

I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme is for people with long term “weight issues” rather than someone who has put on a few kilograms over a holiday.

This programme is for people who want to change things and improve their health & wellbeing and don't know HOW to make those changes.

The programme is for you if you have noticed that your emotional states are influencing your eating & drinking choices and behaviours; it is for you if you have tried “everything” without much success; it is for you if you managed to lose some weight, but re-gained it back (or even added more weight in the long term).

The programme is for you if:

  • You want to lose weight or you want to gain weight.
  • You want to adopt a new - more healthier lifestyle.
  • You want to be healthy, fit and happy!
  • You want to change your life for the better!
  • ONLY if you are committed to change!

I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme is about You and it is tailored on Your Unique Life Situation.

Our holistic approach means the focus is on Your Whole Self taking into account not only physical, also the mental and social aspects of who you are!

You have your own Personal Coach that helps you stay accountable.

Your NLP Coach works beside you in this life changing process.

They are dedicated professionals who are helping people like you become the best versions of themselves and live life fully and happily.

We will provide you with ongoing support, guidance and accountability, every step of the way until you reach your goals. We are in this together!

We have a look at where you are now, how you communicate with yourself and with others, and how you are dealing with life situations. We have a look at your relationships - with yourself and with others. We discuss about you and where you want to go & who you want to be.

We can work together on changing limiting beliefs & negative self-talk; dealing with life challenges; managing fears, anxiety, phobias or maybe old traumas; and clearing out all those things that are holding you back from reaching your dreams.

We work together on building up your motivation, confidence and self-esteem. Then, we do together a structured and efficient goal planning to help you get there. (Specific weight goal setting in this case).

We want to support you all the way and in all ways in you being successful and embracing your new healthy lifestyle naturally

After we have the goal setting session together, nutrition consultations with our Registered Clinical Nutritionist are also offered. (details below)

Both the Life Coach and the Nutritionist will support and motivate you in achieving your weight goal success! Now you will have two personal coaches to hold you accountable and on track to success!

The programme helps you understand your own thinking and mental processes. It helps you identify unconscious behaviours, limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns and powerful emotions that self-sabotage your weight goals.

🌞Registrations are OPEN NOW for the OCT - DEC 2019 programme.🌞 Just in time for summer!

📅 $1390 Early Bird rate available until 8 September 2019

$1590 - after 8 September 2019

Your investment is for the full programme consisting of 3 months of ongoing support from your personal coach and nutrition consultations package!

Due to workload and duration of the programme, we can only take a small number of clients!

💯Are you committed to change your life for the better?

First step is to book your 30 min free clinic consultation to discuss the I Am Healthy, Fit & Happy™ Programme and decide if this is the right programme for you. We can also check if you are working with the right coach and we are working with the right client. Reciprocal trust is important. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Start living Your Good Life, a life where you are in control to be Healthy, Fit and Happy!

We are looking forward to support you in this life changing journey!

Warm wishes,

Ela & Debbie

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Date and Time


102c Hobsonville Rd

102c Hobsonville Road

Auckland, Auckland 0618

New Zealand

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