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International Health Industry Expo 2017

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China International Exhibition Center – Beijing

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China International Health Industry Expo 2017

Date: A p r 17th - 19th ,2017 Venue:China International Exhibition Center

The Background of Healthy China 2030

Recently, the plan of "Healthy China 2030" issued by the State Council has made detailed plannings for the development of the health industry .It proposed that the scale of the health industry should reach 8 trillion in 2020 and 16 trillion in 2030 to become the pillar of the national economy . This large health industry is expected to release trillion business opportunities, usher in a new round of blowout period.

"Healthy China 2030" as the overall strategic goal of the health industry, depicts focus of China's major health industry, layout and direction in next 15 years , without exception it gives the development direction and objectives of health and pension, dietary nutrition, chinese medicine, air pollution, wearable equipment, medical data and other hot topics of concern . It is worth mentioning that this is the first and highest specifications of the health industry planning, but also means that the "health China" strategy of the official landing and implementation.

Nowadays, the health industry has become the only non-shrinking industry, has long been identified by the international economic community as an unlimited trillion industry. Jack Ma aid:" The next one to exceed me, must appear in the health industry. " And he spent 1 billion to acquire CITIC, renamed it " Ali Health "into the health industry, which will undoubtedly lead to investment push in the industry, the health industry and related health platform and other industries will also meet a strong development.

Platform advantages - Pavilions bring business opportunities!
1. Massiness foundation, broad Platform
Since 2003,SHIBOWEI has been focused on exhibition platform construction of large health industry.After more than 10 years of efforts, "China International Health Industry Expo" ,which Based in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu,has become a well-known exhibition of health industry in China.Each year it has more than 1500 health enterprises exhibitors from China and abroad , accumulatively visitors are more than 100,000 .It will be national wide in the future.
Under the influence of the "One Belt, One Road" economic development strategy,The World Health Industry Conference has been successfully held for 5 times. More than 1000 health industry experts from more than 30 countries each year are invited to gather together in Beijing to discuss international health Industry trends.It is only global health industry forum in China.
2. Intensive publicity programs,Power brand promotion
Pre-show, in-depth interviews, post-show follow-up coverage of the 360-degree all-round publicity to create corporate image group. Organizing Committee invited CCTV, Xinhua,SINA, China Food News and other mainstream media to interview important members of the delegation, and report thoroughly by the plane, network and other media to help enterprises to establish brand image,a better attitude to enter the market.
At the exhibition site, plane publicity is also a powerful image-building channel. The Organizing Committee will showcase the posters provided by the delegation in a prominent position at the conference venue,and publish articles offered by the delegation in the Bulletin gratis, or make a cross-page publicity for the local governments.
3. Tailor-made, specialized docking
Taking the perspective of the delegation ,Concerning the exhibitors product features , regional characteristics of the delegation and the requirements of the delegation, positioning precisely,Organizing Committee has a directed invitation on the corresponding buyers , distributors and other professional visitors to build cooperating bridges between professional audience and the delegation for expanding product sales channels.
Setting up a landmark exhibition area, aims at the relevant major programs in the location of the delegation to attract investment, dock the thematic meetings and establish investment negotiations and product distribution agent procurement fair for the delegation to link all the parties' resources.
Arrange the head of the delegation as a guest of honor to attend the opening ceremony of the General Assembly and to participate in the World Health Industry Conference, to build brand awareness ,to establish a corporate image.
found strategic cooperation with local governments to cooperate deeply in product channel construction, regional characteristics, brand building, local industrial upgrading, investment and other areas ,to extend services.
4.Saving time and efforts, all-round service
To avoid worry about exhibitors and do make the exhibition save worry, energy, money, the organizing committee freely design booth as its size . Exhibitors can enjoy 20% discount, as well as the Organizing Committee to provide the booth structures,rental items, transportation and other packaged services and packaging prices.
The Organizing Committee regards great importance to exhibitors' participation experience, Considering the needs of the pavilions on the the reception for the guests,we will provide VIP reception provide two four-star hotel standard rooms near the exhibition hall for the leadership to take a b reak during the exhibition

About Exhibitors
1.All exhibitors’s products should have the following effective copies, it includes “Food Circulation Permit”, “Business License”, “Trademark Registration Certificate” and the newest Quality Report etc.
2.If you decide to attend expo, please contact organizer for choosing your ideal booth, filling in registration form and stamp it, then return application form to organizer, It has legal force after signation or stamp, The Fax or Copies has the same legal force.
3.The standard of booth allocation: Appl early, pay early and confirm early.
4.For helping exhibitors win the market honor, expand product sales, Organizer set up Award competition, All exhibitors can attend award competition, it include “Gold award”, “Superior brand, honest corporation award”, “Appointed product, recommended product,Science & technology innovation award, Sixin award. (Please contact the organizer to obtain more details)
5.For embodying company strength and corporation image,organizer set up title sponsorship plan, the dispositional corporation can take the data from organizer.
6.For strengthening your company’s publicity,Organizer will freely show your website link on expo official website.

About agents,Distributors & Purchasers
1. Strength company,Reputable company, Agent, Distributor, Franchisee, Trading company etc.
2.Wholesale market, Supermarket, Shopping mall, Medicine business Group, Chain store, Health management chain institution, Private club, Community supermarket and Convenient store etc.
3.Chain medicine store, Franchised store,Community Health Service, Health maintenance store, Beauty shop, TV shopping Channel, Online shop, Trading Service Institution, Gift shop, Important group buying company etc.
4.Overseas purchaser,Import & Export Trading Company,More than 130 commercial department of embassy, Industry association, More than province and city office in Beijing, Gerocomium,Sanatorium, Science & Research Institution, Technician of factory and high-class administartor etc.
5. High-class hotel, Bar, Western restaurant, Golf Club, Holiday village etc.
6.Comprehensive hospital, Chinese and Western combinative hospital ,Chinese medical hospital, Private hospital or clinic,Community health service Center, Retirement organization, Health & Care Center,Pavilion of regimen etc.
How do we promote and organize
In the areas of China,Asia,Europe and the United States,we develop more wide advertising and cooperation plan, including the trade journals and magazines, newspaper, Internet, television, press conference, the customer survey feedback, the related industry association, society, chamber of commerce, foreign economic chamber of commerce and the embassy's Chinese representative organization of the cooperation. WeChat, weibo, QQ group, outdoor media, express delivery direct mail, E-mail, AD campaign, VIP and the introduction of call center, etc. Such a promotion we will always do until the opening of the exhibition, to ensure to achieve the most important of the buyers, the sellers and the experts and professional staffs to attend this event. In addition to customized for you according to the customer scope you provide, we will invite customer to attend negotiation with you.
The second level of promotion is the customer group,and The main target is dealers, agents, distributors, traders and specialty stores, chain drug stores, supermarkets,gift shops, group purchasing units, sanatoriums etc. We will promote our advantages through nearly 200000, more than 500000 network data. We will make the customers and the visitors to understand and trust us, and believe that we can provide conveniences and benefits for them.

Goal programming
Co-sponsor in this event,
you get the following 10 items of service or advocacy:
1、 courtesy of honor
2、 the opening ceremony advertisement
3、 venue advertising
4、 professional audience invitation
5、 journal or catalogue
6、 website promotion
7、 media interviews
8、 the best booth arrangement
9、 seminars
10、visiting cards or tickets promotion
Specifically Create A Business Environment For You
Our show is the crystallization of cooperation among organizers, exhibitors and visitors, which makes the exhibition more professional, market and commercialization. In order to create a great business environment, our staff will provide comprehensive quality services with unique experience. No matter the size of booth, you can enjoy our comfortable exhibition environment and efficient services.
Infinite Opportunities of Co-organizer
A、Enterprises to enjoy the best effect of the full promotion of the exhibition.
B、Enjoy the best results through the organization of professional audience cognition.
C、Obtain maximum benefits of deep communication with minimum input.

Health services area: traditional Chinese medicine health maintenance, health care servicing agency, brand servicing agency, health care consulting and nursing services, health check-up agency.

Organic and Green Food Hall
Special Setting: Domestic & Foreign Pavilions Of Organic &Natural Food Display Area、Leading Enterprise Display Area of National Key Agricultural Industrialization、Southeast Asian Specialty Food Display Area
Organic Food&Drinks Area:
1.Organic Food: Organic rice&grains,vegetables&fruits,Organic raw materials and semi-prepared products,Organic dairy products,Organic seafood products,Organic baby food,Organic meat product,Organic convenience food,Organic frozen food,Organic baby food,Organic snack food(dried fruit, candy and chocolate, etc.)
2.Organic Drinks:Organic tea, Organic coconut products,Organic honey products,Organic high-end oil (olive oil, palm oil, etc.),Organic fruit juice and soft drinks,Organic coffee,Organic wine&beer&fruit wine& white wine,&rice wine,Organic plant extracts etc.
3.Organic Condiment: Herbs, Natural spices, Spicy condiments,Soy sauce vinegar,Gourmet powder&Chicken flavor,Blend oil,Seasoning wine,Compound seasoning series etc.
4.Organic Medicinal Herbs: Gastrodia, Pueraria,Ginseng,Saffron,Moringa seed,other organic medicinal herbs;

Organic Products Area:
1.Organic ingredients and fragrances products 2.Organic cotton product;
3..Natural cosmetics and personal care products; 4. Natural fibers and textiles products;
Organic Industry Services
Associations; Certification and control services;Marketing and management consultancy
Import product of Organic Food and Natural Products;Import Food & High-end Beverage Hall
Sweetmeat,chocolate & snack food Drink, juice, drinking water & instant drink;
Coffee,tea & electuary series;
Beer, fruit wine, distilled spirit & wine;
Milk products,dairy products & egg products;
Cookies, cake & bakery products;
Instant noodles, freeze-dried food & seasoning;
Oil, olive oil and& cereal products;
Catering food & ice cream;
Health food, nourishment & organic food products;
Flavoring & food ingredient products;
Food container, packaging equipment & food product machinery;
Government organization, association, professional service organization technology network.

High-end Edible Oil Hall
1.High-end edible oil:Camellia oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Camellia Oil, Walnut oil,Grape Seed Oil, Flax Seed Oil and other High-end Nutrition Oil;
2.Nutrition edible oil: Nutrition peanut oil, Nutrition soybean oil, Nutri-tion blend oil,Nutrition salad oil, double low Rapeseed oil;
3.Special healthy edible oil:grape seed oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil, wheat-germ oil,piper ales seed oil, month amaranth grass oil, garlic oil, avocad oil, hazelnut oil,perilla seed oil,pumpkin seed oil,tomato seed oil, safflower oil, deep sea fish oil, milk thistle oil, cedar seed oil, delicate cotton oil, cornoil, canola oil, pine-seed oil, poppy-seed oil, silkworm pupa essential oil, pomegranate seed oil, lycopene edible oil, patent edible oil;
4.Many kinds of flavored oils: refined palm oil, sesame oil, pepper oil, prickly ash oil, mustard oil, chives oil, red spicy oil, ginger oil, noodle seasoning oil, chicken bone oil, bone oil, composite flavor oil, fish sauce flavor oil, butter oil, animal flavored oil, black pepper oil, barbe-cue flavored oil, Frozen food flavored oil, fresh scallop flavored oil, spicy oil, spice oil, powder flavored oil etc; Nut edible oil and all kinds of high-grade health oils, nutrition oil etc;
5.Various oil-bearing crops: sesame, sunflower, camellia seed, corn-germ, rice bran oil, Wheat Germ, Perilla seed, linseed, almond, Pine Nuts and other special raw materials;
High-end Drinking Water Hall
Natural High-end Packing Drinking Water :
Natural Mineral Water, Glacier Water, Natural Soda Water, Natural weak alkaline water,
Natural Mountain Water, snowmelt, Tea Water, Oxygen treatment water, Plant water ,
Medical Mineral Water etc.
Function Drinking Water & Drinking Water Equipment:
Deuterium depleted water, Oxygen treatment Water, Hydrogen Wate, Plant water, Medical water, Small molecule water , Alive water machine,Ionized water, Electrolyte water machine, High energy alive water machine, Soda water machine, Rich hydrogen machine, Calcium ion water machine, Alive oxygen water machine, Alkaline water machine, Multi-function water cup, Health care water cup etc.

High-end water relevant service:
Packing machine, Packing container, Packing design, Since & Research organizer.High quality water source arrtac-tive investment etc.
1、Air purifier (household, automotive, chess and card room) : HEPA air purifier, activated carbon air purifier, electronic air cleaner, ultraviolet air purifier, clean room air purifier, anion air purifier, ion wind air purifier, artistic air purifier, ozone sterilization machine, medical air disinfection machine, air air purifier, such as oxygen, sterilization deodorant machine, air fragrance; Humidifier, aromatherapy, activated carbon, air purification lamps, decoration (formaldehyde) eliminate machine and other air purification products;
2、The haze masks: protective mask, protective gear, etc.;
3、Air purification governance: nano mineral crystal, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC scavenger, purifying liquid; Light catalyst, activated carbon, purifying coating, bamboo charcoal, in addition to flavor agent, cleaning agent, antibacterial sterilization metope lacquer products, environmental protection, environmental protection coating, diatom mud, etc.
4、Fresh air ventilation products: air purification equipment, duct cleaning device, lampblack purification equipment, new fan, fresh air system, etc.;
5、Air purification products: filter, filter material, screen, fan, uv germicidal lamps, high voltage static electricity grid, purifying machine shell; PM2.5 monitor formaldehyde detector, detector, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, dust detector, particle counter, negative ion detector, sensors, etc.;
Mobile Medical & Health Care Hall
Mobile cloud / wearable medical Zone: telemedical, cloud healthcare, health management services platform; System / software: mobile medical APP, voice interaction, somatosensory software;
Wearable device: Smart helmet, intelligent brain ring, smart glasses, smart goggles, intelligent cervical ring, intelligent prostheses, intelligent monitoring device, intelligent cuff, smart watches, smart fabrics, smart clothes, intelligent skin sensor smart clothes, intelligent T-shirts, smart cane, smart baby pajamas, finger probe, fuel wristbands, intelligent sports shoes, track and other sports. -

Contact : Mr.Jeff Tel : (0061) 405830277 Email : Skype : jeff_toll

Contact : Ms.Tailors. Tel. : (0066) 831313268 E-mail : skype : live:tailorshouseLine ID : anandamoon

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China International Exhibition Center – Beijing

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