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Little People, Big Emotions - Conscious Parenting

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Hamilton, Waikato 3200

New Zealand

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Come and join us for the day and learn to BE with EMOTIONS, communicate better, be more patient and present with yourself and your children.

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As an parent it is hard to not feel like your not doing a good enough job raising your children, getting through the daily grind, forgiving ex's who have betrayed you or maybe its your parents you are mad with, either way, some days the kids emotions are just way to much for you.

Little people have big emotions and so do we!

We have created this event to support you with becoming more emotionally intelligent in your home, as a parent and well, full stop.

Here is what you can look forward to:

Ancestral Quantum Healing - April will guide you through a visualization to collapse all timelines into the now moment and activate womb healing and cancel, clear and delete any and all past agreements that keep you stuck under the veil.

Intuitive Creation & Home Guides - Alicia will guide you through a creative process that allows you to take home guides that will support you and your children building deeper bonds, having better communication and harmonizing in the home more.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching - April will coach you through understanding the message of emotions and give your guiding questions that will allow you to listen to each other without judgements, expectations and assumptions.

Photos - Alicia will be taking cute photos for you to mark the event so dress however you like whilst keeping this in mind.

Kai - We will have separate lunches, parents and children, where you can connect and get to know other people in the space. Sit back and let yourself be catered to.

There will be a space for parents to release without the children present, and there will be a space for the children to express without their parents present.

This is for you if you:

  • Are sick of being sick of....
  • Need support, fresh ideas and hope
  • Have resentments towards your children or parents
  • Sound like your own parentswho you don't want to be like
  • Are interested in clearing generational trauma and patterns
  • Know you need to be there for your children more
  • Feel way to busy for the kids and struggle with presence
  • Want to understand emotions more
  • Want to learn how to respond rather than react
  • Need to be more present
  • Want to work on body shame and body dysmorphia
  • Want to be a nicer partner, friend mother and all round person
  • Have womb healing that needs to be done
  • Are interested in the spiritual aspects of life
  • Are sick of yelling and being mean
  • Are here to support your children in becoming themselves

Book now, we have capped capacity.

This school holidays do something with your children that will make a forever difference. You will learn and experience shifts that will change the way you show up in life. Small habits make big changes.

Children must be able to sit and follow instructions and although we are catering to their age, this is something you intuitively need to ask yourself if they are ready, open and in resonance for.

On the Sunday after the event we ask that you organize a relaxing chill out day. A day at home or in nature. Big emotions may spill over and compassion, space and calm will be required.

Our day may run over time so please ensure you have food ready for dinner and won't need to rush off.

Sometimes its hard to know to invest in ourselves, especially when we have tried before and nothings changed. This isn't just a day of fun, this is an intentional day designed because its so important to support our mothers. Because as we return to our natural state of intuition and nurture not only do we become happier but we heal ancestral patterns and our families.

Mothers are hiding their true gifts, the empathy that makes them who they are and spending their energy on trying to fix grown men and change things without first giving themselves love, forgiveness and honoring their own worth.

As a Mum you may be doing your best to be conscious and probably are single (or feel aloneand hiding your true struggles. You often take things personally and worry that you are ruining your children or not doing enough for them. Its not enough. If you are in a relationship you may steam roll the family home justifying this by saying he doesn't know how to do anything and doesn't help out. Just works too much and hangs with the boys. He may also be an addict, probably functional but definitely not helpful for the family vibe.

We do welcome dads in our space too. The space will be dominated with women who are in their masculine so we expect to see men who are doing their best to step up in the family home but have felt suppressed, dominated and outcast so struggle to communicate their needs and desires. As a dad you may get a wee bit aggressive with the kids and feel constantly judged by the women in the home. Not good enough.

Our day has a flexible structure and although we will deliver on the elements mentioned here, we may change things up based on who and what shows up.

If you have read this far then it is time for you to purchase your ticket. Tickets are for 1 parent and 1 child. If you would like to bring another child please purchase an add on. If you have a partner to bring, please buy an add on.

Payment plans are available, the price is 300. Please contact April to organize a schedule.

We are excited to bring this to life and to rewire the way we view creation and parenting.

Nga Mihi

April and Alicia

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Date and time




Hamilton, Waikato 3200

New Zealand

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Organiser April B - Conscious Family Dynamics

Organiser of Little People, Big Emotions - Conscious Parenting

Showing You How You Can Be Your Authentic Magic Self And Make The World A Better Place For Our Children

So You're An Empath & You Have A Dream To Make The Impossible Possible, Make The World A Place Where It's Ok To Be Who You Are, Magic Is An Everyday Thing, Emotions Are Understood, Meth Isn't A Thing & Child Abuse Is A Thing Of The Past?

Cool, Me Too!

You are different. Me too. You dream about a world where children are allowed to grow up being who they are. Where the world is accepting and understanding of differences. Where emotions are understood not pushed down.

A world where you had confidence to show up as your true authentic self.

Hey there, I am April Broomhead, your friendly neighborhood witch, and I have this dream too but it took me a long time to learn how to empath in a world full of emotions. I was sensitive to pain, every bodies pain and because of that I found myself losing my sense of self.

I am an energy in motion coach who for the past 3 years has specialized in conscious family dynamics, meaning, all the moving parts that make a home a home. I show people how to use their e-motions as power rather than pain so that parents can stop suffering with mum guilt and children can feel like they are accepted and belong.

​Without safe environment's, we can not prevent the darkness.

From my lived experience, I have come to understand that confidence isn't learning how to not give a fuck about peoples judgements. Confidence is doing the thing anyway irrespective of whose watching, whose whispering, whose gossiping and whose wanking.

​Everybody wants the freedom to express and discover who they are without the fear of abandonment and rejection and confidence allows us to do that.

​Confidence allows you to show up as YOU and to have confidence means to have emotional intelligence and self awareness.

  • ​To have the ability to observe e-motions and view emotions as messages to respond to.
  • ​To be able to respond rather than react.
  • ​To not feel so rejected or unloved when someone doesn't get you.
  • ​To heal the feelings of betrayal, jealousy and hatred.​
  • Imagine a world where our mothers and papas knew how to BE with our children's E-motions.
  • A world where raising ourselves whilst raising them was normal.​
  • A world where we felt safe to express rather than suppress.

My Intention Is To Guide You Back To Your Natural State Of Intuition & Nurture

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