Management Skills for Supervisors Training

Management Skills for Supervisors Training

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Have you recently become a manager? Do you lead others and their work? Do you need to build your management capacity to meet organizational

About this event

Management Skills for Supervisors

Program Overview:

Have you recently become a manager? Do you lead others and their work? Do you need to build your management capacity to meet organizational goals?

Being responsible for the effectiveness of others requires a delicate balance of goals, teamwork and encouragement. This program will provide you with skills and knowledge to effectively manage others and maximize productivity. Combine professional knowledge with people skills to thrive in your management role with increased confidence and purpose.


Foundations of Management:

In this course, you will examine management styles and understand the process for transitioning from colleague to supervisor. You will gain an understanding of your own unique management identity and begin the journey to creating your Foundations of Management Portfolio and Code of Conduct.

Learning outcomes:

• Define “management” and “leadership”

• Compare and contrast a variety of management styles across different employment sectors.

• Describe the process of transitioning from colleague to supervisor

• Apply daily management tools in a Case Study.

• Assess your management strengths and weaknesses

• Complete a SWOT analysis of your own management identity

Effective Communication:

Explore best practices for effective oral communication in your workplace. Determine what you need from others and what they need from you to ensure open, honest and productive communication. Develop your own management “voice” with an inter/intrapersonal action plan.

Learning outcomes:

• Define communication and understand the process.

• Demonstrate understanding of interpersonal/intrapersonal communication

• Identify communication “freezers”

• Define your personal communication style

• Understand and demonstrate communication best practices

• Develop your communication action plan

Conflict Resolution:

Conflict is a natural aspect of most workplace environments. The key is to manage conflict in a way that is productive and respectful. In this course you will examine the 6-step conflict resolution process and learn how to implement this process into your daily work culture.

Learning outcomes:

• Define conflict and conflict resolution

• Identify primary components of conflict and conflict resolution

• Describe different conflict resolution styles

• Identify and apply the 6-step conflict resolution process

• Understand basic communication tools, such as the agreement frame and open questions in the conflict resolution process

• Demonstrate conflict resolution skills in a Case Study

• Design your action plan for implementing conflict resolution practices in your daily work environment

Synergy of Teams:

One of the keys for success as a manager of people is to understand the dynamics of effective and collaborative teams. Explore the role of team members and the characteristics of successful teams, while you develop an action plan for dealing with non-functioning teams.

Learning outcomes:

• Define “team” and explore types of teams

• Compare/contrast the value of teamwork vs individual work

• Outline stages of team development, collaborative practices and the meeting process

• Identify characteristics of effective teams versus dysfunctional teams and demonstrate best practices in a Case Study

• Discuss how to transition your team

• Understand personality types and learning styles as they apply to performance management

• Formulate your Foundations of Management Code of Conduct and build your Management Portfolio

Management Skills for Supervisor Audience:

Our target audience consists of individuals who have been or will soon be in supervisory/managerial positions based on their skills and have less than five years of experience in this role. These individuals require the training needed for supervising, managing, and leading others and their work.

Admission Requirements:

There are no pre-requisites or specific admission requirements for this program.

Prior Learning/Approved Equivalencies:

There will be no accepted prior learning or approved equivalencies at this time.

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