Men’s Health Mondays ZOOM IN 6pm to 6:45pm (every 2nd Monday, Monthly)

Men’s Health Mondays ZOOM IN 6pm to 6:45pm (every 2nd Monday, Monthly)

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Each month we explore new themes of Men's Health & Wellness: This July we welcome Rayna Love offering 'The Power Of Breathwork & Meditation'

About this event

Men’s Health Mondays encourages men of all backgrounds to explore the truth of their own unique beauty, both the dark and the light, within the bonds of real brotherhood.


Here is an online ZOOM IN space for men that are living outside of Auckland or for whatever reasons, are unable to physically meet to join us in person. This is an OPEN event, any and all men will be welcomed to join us ONLINE ON ZOOM.

I have been holding spaces like these since 2009. The culture and agreements of a Men's Group are explained at the beginning of each Zoom to ensure the space is a safe container in which to connect with each other.

This is a short duration event at 45 minutes, providing a snappy and regular weekly check in point, a place to connect and to drop into each others worlds for a few minutes and then we will explotre the Wellness Theme of the month. Though brief, the connections and conversations are potent and the bonds are timeless.

This is also a perfect taster for men curious to explore Men's Groups and may be considering the face to face Men's Groups events held every Monday 7pm to 8:30pm at The Holistic Hub 152 Kepa Road, Orakei, Auckland NZ


See below for more details on these events. Attributes apply to the Zoom events equally as much as Men's Groups held Face To Face:

Every month we explore new themes of men's health & wellness; spiritual, physical & mental, including yoga, movement, breath work, nutrition, meditation, drums, music & art, to name just a few of the themes to be explored together.

7pm Monday11July we welcome Wolf Zachary Fern as co-facilitator offering a mens health session focusing on movement:

"Movement is something we all do, and it's often considered to be a completely physical outlet, but the truth is often our emotions and our mental state effect how we move. As an extension of that, often our emotions or remnants of the challenges we face remain locked in the body. Thankfully, through movement we can learn to scan our bodies and release these hidden trauma, and activate the healer within us. I will take us through some simple ways of getting in touch with our physical, mental, and emotional bodies through the power of movement, so come and rediscover the freedom of movement as men together!"

Beginning Monday 12 September through to Monday 12 December 2022, we launch a 4 Month Empowerment Workshop called INNER TRANSFORMATION FOR MEN (ITFM) where men of all backgrounds are invited to explore the truth of their own unique beauty, both the dark and the light, within the bonds of real brotherhood, embracing many principles and tools of men's work and the powerful practices of Kundalini Yoga meditation and breath work.

Facilitated by Rayna love and guest space holders. Rayna has been facilitating men's and women's transformation events and workshops for over 10 years. He is a trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher and developed The Light Room Yoga & Meditation Studio in Mount Maunganui a community space that hosted hundreds of workshops and wellness events attracting facilitators and attendees from all around the world.

Zoom In: 6pm to 6:45pm.

Face To Face: 7pm to 8.30pm Every Monday, @ The Holistic Hub, 152 Kepa Road, Orakei

Suggested koha of $10 per person ($15 for two people) or an exchange that reflects the value received from attending more or less

Tickets available for pre-purchase through Eventbrite (See link below) and can be purchased at the event also.

Sponsored places are available to people in challenging life circumstances and Donations are gratefully accepted to cover these offerings

Donations or online Koha payments are gratefully received at: 12-3449-0100304-00 Please Reference: "MONDAYS" and "(First Initial) (Last Name)" so we can link the payment.

For any questions or inquiries to assist or to attend these events, please contact Rayna Love, mob 0274640691

Men’s Health Mondays ZOOM IN 6pm to 6:45pm (every 2nd Monday, Monthly) image
Men’s Health Mondays ZOOM IN 6pm to 6:45pm (every 2nd Monday, Monthly) image

Past participants comments and referrals:

“Kia Ora Rayna. Another fantastic turn up last night it's due to your leadership and mana.”


“Thank you Rayna and guest facilitators, for creating such a powerful, vulnerable, safe, sacred healing space for us men last night. I was touched and moved by the courage and vulnerability of the sharing of the men in the group. I got to source myself in the sharing of what others are dealing with, and it brings me deep comfort to know that I am not alone on this journey of life, and that its ok to not be perfect. I left last night feeling got, heard and understood, without any judgement. And I feel grounded in my purpose, and accepting of where I am in life right now. Much love and gratitude to you all. Stay Blessed ”.

Arlan Harris

“If you're a man and men's work or men's circles are something you've been considering getting involved with, this is your invitation to come and take part of this incredible offering.

This is also an invitation to bring your son's, step sons, grandsons and nephews along with you, whether your connection is biological or not(this will be all-age appropriate) as well as a calling to reach out to your fathers, uncles, grandfather's, older brothers, or mentors to come and join too.

This space is safe, confidential, and it's highly likely you will leave with new tools for facing the challenges of what it means to be a man amongst men and a man in our modern society.

If you're reading this, take this as your own personal sign! I look forward to seeing you there!

Ticket sales are appreciated as it helps to support those holding space and also helps support the great work being done for the community at The Holistic Hub, but this is a koha event, and the only thing required of you is to get your body in the room before we open circle.

Also, particularly if you know any men struggling at this time please share this link with them:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It truly is a blessing to be seen, heard, and felt as a man amongst men. This is the medicine.”

Wolf Zachary Fearn

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