Protect Self Defence: Public Classes 2019

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Howick College

25 Sandspit Road

Auckland, Auckland 2014

New Zealand

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It's happening! And YOU are invited!

Protect are launching classes for the public, and they are going to be AWESOME!

Imagine learning the most realistic self-defence training from NZ's leading organisation, in a safe, friendly, supportive environment with a group of cool like-minded people!

If that sounds like a good thing...Read on!

We cover, in a relaxed and open format everything you need to know to stay safe in your personal life, job, travels, and to keep your loved ones safe from all forms of violence.

Protect are NZ's leading training organisation for Corporates, Government Departments (including Police and United Nations Dept of Security), and front-line agencies (including Women's Refuge, RPE, and others). The training is based on working at the coal-face of violence and over 20 years of research and development working with over 150,000 people and hundreds of survivors. It is real, no BS, and highly effective.

Not only that...But it is enjoyable and interesting to learn! Everything is at YOUR own pace and there is no minimum fitness level required (your fitness and strength will improve regardless of where you start from).

The classes will be kept small for maximum value to the members so is genuinely limited to 20 people.

Because it is serious stuff, the minimum age is 16 years.

These classes are perfect for women and men who want to get massive value from training in a safe environment without all of the ego and fantasy-based training. There is no martial arts, sports-based content, or anything which isn't reality-based and proven to work under stress in any situation.

You will be learning effective skills in all aspects of self-protection including;

- Avoidance, Recognition, and Awareness tactics and strategies based on real-world cases and research

- De-escalation, Diffusion, and Tactical Communication (Jedi level stuff to help talk down situations and make you an effective communicator)

- Physical Response/’Self-Defence’: Covering all bases including the legal (you will be training alongside Police Officers), moral, and ethical aspects. You will learn defences against common attacks, edged weapons, multiple opponents, Ground defences, Opportunity weapons, bludgeon weapons, Extreme Close Range assaults, Variable environment factors (in the dark, off balance, impaired physical abilities etc), Gender-specific attacks (female sexual assault prevention for example) and a lot more...

- Post-event issues: Dealing with the aftermath including Police, Witness Perception, Emotional Impact, Retaliation, and more.

You will be learning from both male and female instructors with decades of experience who really care about you and your results.

Oh, and there will be laughs. It is a serious subject and we are there to get results, but who needs all of the dark gloomy stuff?? We learn best in a safe, enjoyable and engaging environment. And we would love to share it with you!

Come and check us out and give it a go. We will even cover the cost of your first class so you can make sure you love it!

If you are keen, let us know you're coming and ask any questions you may have. We can't wait to see you there!


Phil, Corrina, Suz, Glen, Aaron B, Aaron W, Sang (Protect Class Instructor Team)

A few common questions:

Q. What do I wear?
A. Whatever you like as long as you don't mind having the clothing pulled around a bit. We train in clothes we wear on a normal daily basis but also for comfort's sake we recommend 'gym-type' clothing (especially in Summer) and soft-soled shoes.

Q. Are there minimum contract terms?
A. No. Nobody likes that and we like to be cool. Train for as long or as short a timeframe as you like.

Q. How much is it?
A. Cheap as chips. This is not designed to make profit (we make profit from our core business), it is designed to cover it's costs and be accessible by anybody. Fees are only $65 per month ($16.25 per session, cheaper than a casual gym session) or $175 for three months (save another $20). The value is substantial.
AND...We will cover the cost of your first class to make sure you love it.

Q. I have a history of dealing with violence in my own life, will this help me and will I be safe?
A. You are in very safe hands at Protect. We have worked with many hundreds of survivors of every type of violence over 20+ years. Everything you do, at all times is at your own pace and you are always in control. In saying that, if we feel that you would benefit from a bit more time before you start with us, we will let you know.

Q. Do I need to be fit?
A. No. Your fitness and strength will improve through training but you can start at any level.

Q. I am a beginner, when is the best time to start?
A. Anytime. Today! Classes are designed so that you can start at any time and feel right at home.

Q. Do you focus on women's specific self defence strategies too?

A. Absolutely. Classes are mixed-gender but we make sure everyone gets the information and skills most relevant to themselves.

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Date and Time


Howick College

25 Sandspit Road

Auckland, Auckland 2014

New Zealand

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