SOMA BreathMedicine Journey

SOMA BreathMedicine Journey

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Experience a deep journey into a focused meditative state through the power of your breath!

About this event

Join SOMA Breath Master Instructor Steve Hill on a journey into the power of your breath. Steve is also one of the few top instructors who mentors new instructors globally.

Just as food is seen as medicine, so too is breath.

There is a direct connection between the breath and psychological, emotional, and physical well-being.

Unfortunately for many, breathing is involuntary or reactive. When breath techniques are applied consciously and with guidance, you can enter into the areas of Healing, Optimising, and Manifesting.



Steve will guide you through effective and scientifically proven pranayama techniques that you can easily integrate as tools into your day-to-day lifestyle. These techniques can awaken the body’s inner pharmacy for state-changing as well as activate your own self-healing abilities.

Following this, you will experience a potent group breathwork meditation session where Steve will guide you to a non-ordinary state of consciousness through conscious, rhythmic breathing combined with breath holds and uplifting, trypnaural brainwave music.

This may assist you in finding new perspectives, shifting old patterns, and emerging with renewed energy and direction.


/// BENEFITS ///

• Lowers stress

• Reduces anxiety & depression

• Heart-opening

• Balances the nervous system

• Creates better circulation

• Boosts immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems

• Increases energy, vitality & creativity

• Creates calmness and peace

• Helps to build up a tolerance to CO2



Rhythmic breathing:

Increases your ability to involuntarily breathe diaphragmatically(breath slowly and deeply) for balancing the nervous system, energizing or relaxing the body, and increasing our breath-hold times.

Breath retention (holding the out-breath to enter a state called intermittent hypoxia):

This enhances spatial awareness, learning, and memory; reduces inflammation, promotes healing, deep meditation, and overall health.

Intention setting/Inner sensing:

Using the power of elevated emotions combined with inner sensory activation to embody what you desire. When combined with the breathwork techniques you have a very powerful way to manifest!



SOMA Breath is a global movement that brings the ancient wisdom of pranayama and modern technology together into one transformative system to help awaken people to their true potential.

At its core is a multi-sensory meditation experience that can awaken dormant parts of your brain, improve circulation, promote physical and emotional healing, and help to manifest your intentions by raising your emotional state and connecting with your higher self.

SOMA means one body, one mind, one spirit, one community. SOMA Breath is a community of like-minded people who care about themselves and others and continue to strive towards empowering people to be their own guru.



• Try to have no big meals 90 mins beforehand as it can be uncomfortable to breathe with a full stomach

• Make sure to prepare a comfortable area to lay down on (i.e a mat or blanket on the floor)

• Have a pillow or bolster available for under the knees and a warm blanket close as your body temperature may fluctuate.

• Join the call with headphones if you can to improve sound quality

• Wear an eye mask or be in a darkened room



Steve Hill is a SOMA Breath Master Instructor & Breath Coach and the founder of Inner Oasis. Inner Oasis is dedicated to helping people learn to balance their Inner and Outer worlds from a holistic perspective.

Steve has practiced various breathing techniques dating back to when he had asthma as a child. After a 35 year journey through various martial arts, spiritual practices, and immersion into SOMA Breath, he practices and shares the benefits of conscious breathing techniques for optimal performance, well-being, and manifestation. Steve is passionate about human potential and helping people be their best selves.

For over 20 years Steve has transformed the lives of thousands of people, facilitating workshops in large organizations and corporates through world-leading programs he designed on Self Intelligence (In which he authored, JOLT Challenge - The Self Intelligence Experience), Storytelling and Creativity, as well as his work as a shamanic practitioner, life coach, and mentor.

Steve facilitates retreats, workshops, classes, private sessions, speaks at conferences, and is continually learning and sharing the science and techniques of breathwork practices locally and internationally.


Come along, meet some like-minded people and experience a memorable journey.

Learn more about what I do at

For any questions feel free to contact

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SOMA BreathMedicine Journey image
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