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Is your money story holding you back from attracting the prosperity you want at work, or in your business? And by prosperity, yes we're talking about more abundance, more money, but also in a way that comes to you with more ease, more support, and connects you to your feminine side, to your heart...

Do you feel you might be the one getting your own way - so you're not getting the promotion, the pay rise or the recognition? You're frustrated and a little overwhelmed. Or if you're in your own business, perhaps your money wobbles are blocking your ability to attract money easily? Wouldn't you like to feel more supported, valued and that you are enough?

You're not alone hon. It's easy to think more prosperity is about doing more, but simply doing more does it hard for you, and it's time to change your narrative to one that honour's your feminine side. Plus its more likely your money wobbles are putting the brakes on your prosperity - like money wobble #1 (not allowing it to be easy, or "if it's easy, how can I charge that?") or money wobble #3 (you can’t be a good/caring person and still want more money!).

My clients have found clearing their money wobbles has made a massive impact on their prosperity, and it wasn't hard. It simply requires a having fun with some practiced exercises that really work (and didn't take much time either!). I would love to help you.

Join this 6 week live program (watch: Welcome Intro Video) to clear the 6 main money wobbles working mums face, and allow more prosperity into your life with ease. Each week we'll be clearing a different wobble (money block). Proven exercises that really work!

My role is to support working mums transform their relationship with money for more prosperity.

I’m a mum to three, executive coach to our family run business, am a NZTE accredited coach, and started as an economist at Bankers Trust.

It doesn't matter where you're working (corporate or your own business), or how much you're earning, what matters is you have a desire to transform your relationship with money for more prosperity in your life, so you can connect with your heart energy and share your gift with the world. Prosperity without efforting.

Wouldn’t you like to communicate your value in a way people pay you highly for?

Kimberly x

"I love working with Kimberly, she is so vibrant and enthusiastic...The cool thing was after making the necessary internal changes, I found I let go of the wrong clients, and suddenly had referrals coming in left right and centre from the right ones! So much so my business went from making $750 a week to around $2000 - and it's constantly growing as I continue to own my value!

Naadia Jackson-Amiga, Digital Marketing Specialist & Creator TechyVA

"A quick chat with Kimberly Sumner about a money wobble of mine netted me $13k this week alone - I wouldn't have nailed it without sorting the wobble and breaking the pattern - she's the bomb!!!!!!

Rachel Berry, The Barista Academy, Specialist Cafe Business Coach

"I have gained so much in a short time and can already see the changes in my own mindset and business; within six weeks of working her I literally tripled my sales's changed my life and what I see is possible for myself and for my prosperity."

Kate L McCarthy Business Success Coach & Online Marketing ‘Techy’ Mentor

"Kimberly is about much more than understanding or becoming aware of your relationship with money. She offers practical tools to help you clear those money blocks and I've seen great results. I've got more clients than EVER and her tools even helped my writers block."

Bronwyn Bay, Freelance Writer Angel

"What I have continued to appreciate about Kimberly is her money sense and her humour. This has translated into real $$$. We addressed lurking money thoughts that were driving behaviour rooted in old fears. The wobbles have been replaced with a high performance machine which can handle the ebbs and flows of business. Thank you Kimberly."

Rosie Killip, NZ's Leading Authority on Building Compliance

"I would totally recommend Kimberly to any business woman who felt a need to reinvigorate or realign her business. Her manner is utterly professional but at the same time warm and nurturing."

Felicity Letcher, Main Reactor - NZ's leading props & make-up effects shop for Television and Movies

More testimonials and lovely words from working mums who rock at

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