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Trading Places: Property Flipping & Renovating VIRTUAL Workshop!

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Learn the fundamentals and mindset of property flipping to keep yourself safe.

Do you keep hearing of others making money from flipping but don’t know whether it’s for you or how to start?

Have you already flipped a house or 2 and want to stream-line the process – especially if you lost money? Rule #1: Don’t lose money!

Are you worried about this current (crazy) environment and whether flipping is right for right now?

Flipping property for profit can seem scary and unless you know what you are doing, it IS scary. The numbers are big and the margin for error is small.

As Warren Buffet says: “Risk is being in the market not knowing what you are doing”

Yet, every day you hear about and see people making significant profit from the business of trading property. Are you really happy just watching from the side-lines? Do you think there are no deals left? Or do you think you have no time to do it? Maybe no money to start?

Our expert panel of trainers all started out with the same fears, but a definite drive to learn how others were doing it. And now…They are the experts making significant money and working their own hours while doing something they love. Isn’t that what we all want?

In a world of free property investment teaser-seminars or light information, consider this the black-sheep of the family. It is a small, focused workshop designed to give you ‘how’, not just the ‘why’.

This workshop will show you how to trade and renovate successfully and help deal with the ‘No money/No time/No deals’ perception which may be holding you back. We also show you how to do this ethically and how to add high-quality housing stock in a desperately tight market.

You will receive strategies and tools which you can take away and apply at your own pace. Even if you only do ONE trade in the next year, what difference could that make to your financial situation?

One of our clients used this information for their first-ever property trade and made an AFTER-TAX PROFIT of $47,000 (on a purchase price of only $540,100!) This is just one example of many. How many deals like that would it take to make a real difference to you?

This will be a Virtual-Course (not just a webinar) and we are bringing it straight to your place on Saturday, June 6th!

"The weekend seminar was fantastic, I absolutely loved the online option of learning. As a mum of 3 young kids, it was like a "rescuer army" for me to do what I love to learn and improve myself. Huge thanks to everyone for your input." Nurdan - attended our first virtual Trading Places 4th of April 2020

Here’s what you’re going to learn from this event:

Part 1: Trading/flipping For Profit

* The exact formulas used by James and Sally (and our clients) to analyse the deal to ensure a profit and STAY SAFE.

* How to set a ‘B-Plan’ for when things don’t go the way they should (yes, it happens sometimes).

* Hear about some mistakes that have been made over the years, and the most common mistakes we see new traders making today, so you can avoid the loss (Rule #1: Don’t lose money!)

* How to find the deals: These strategies can be adapted to almost any market but just because you CAN doesn’t mean that you SHOULD. We will show you how to identify the best areas to achieve the greatest results.

* ‘No-Money Down’ deals and how to do them. Normally there is SOME money down SOMEWHERE on most deals, but we’ll show you how to do deals with very little (this stuff is exciting).

* Joint-Venture arrangements: Many successful traders use Joint Ventures to leverage their time, money, skills and their results, but where do you find them?

* Negotiating the deals to lock in profit at the time of purchase. You will never make money faster than you can by negotiating. Here you will learn from professionally-trained negotiators with over 20 years’ experience, and who have negotiated literally thousands of real estate contracts. (This session alone is worth 10x the workshop fee).

* Leveraging other people’s time to get the deals coming to you on a consistent basis.

* How to get ‘Deal-Flow’ from real estate agents - Agents are your life-blood when trading. You will learn the inside strategies from both sides of the fence: from the traders who know how they have built their relationships (relationships = money), and from two ex top-selling agents themselves on what works for them. This is gold!

* How to become a market expert to be able to recognise the deals before anybody else gets to them as well as the most important tool used by real estate professionals and how to access it.

You will also be happy to know...We don't use predatory tactics to source property. We hold ourselves to high ethical and moral standards and we will show you how the profits are made without resorting to dodgy tactics or unethical behaviour (whew!)

Part 2: Renovating For Maximum Profit

As a property trader, or buy-to-hold investor, this information will save you many thousands of dollars (on any single property) and many headaches. You will learn:

* The order and timeline of a full, high standard renovation in only 4 weeks! Sound impossible? This is the average time taken to renovate the hundreds of houses the team trade because of the systems and processes we have set up through years of experience.

* Real case studies: No theory here. You will see real case studies which are current and be able to see the processes, strategies, challenges, mistakes, and outcomes. This is as real as it gets.

* How to find suppliers in a tight market and maintain a strong supplier relationship. Your ‘tradies’ are your life-blood in a renovation. Knowing how to get the right ones, who will turn up and do the right job is invaluable.

* Profit Hacks: Lessons which can only be learned from a lot of experience! The team will share these to save you tens of thousands (or more) and make you significantly more on a deal than someone without this information.

* Renovating for your specific market: Over-capitalizing is sooooooo easy to do. It costs a lot of money and really slows you down. The team will show you how to adapt your renovation for your target market.

* Adding extra rooms for higher profit or extra cash-flow: The legalities, benefits and downsides to it as well as the ROI calculations and feasibility.

* Bringing it in on budget and on time! Both of these are important (time is money) and the team have got the system for this locked down tight.

"..So much knowledge and really well delivered. If you're thinking about attending an event I'd definitely recommend. Learnt so many gems that will save me far more than it cost to attend." Ami from Christchurch - Ami flew up to Auckland for Trading Places Feb 2020.


Q&A with one of Auckland's top property traders, Rick Prakash. On average Rick has traded one property A WEEK for the last 5 years and is on track to do the same for 2020! Gain exclusive insights from someone who started with nothing.

The 'LIVE' In-Market experience with the trainers from Trading Places on a Wednesday following the workshop (once COVID-19 has settled and it is safe to do so in a group)! Join our Auckland-based, weekly field trip to see 'live' deals in progress and at different stages of renovation. You can ask any questions you like in a relaxed environment of like-minded people. There's nothing like seeing the real thing to solidify all you will learn from the workshop. It's going to be awesome!

Bunnings Deal Access! Through AssetLab's partnership with Bunnings we get an amazing deal for our clients. We are on their highest discount tier meaning you can save…A lot. We will issue you with a card linking you to our discount offer. You can save thousands of dollars on each property just with these savings alone!

Who are the trainers for the day?

You are going to learn directly from professional traders and renovators who have been doing this full-time and doing it successfully. It is their business, their passion, and they have the rare ability to not only be great at DOING IT, but they are also great at TEACHING IT to others.

Sally McCormack: Full time property investor and trader and Director of Profity, her successful company specialising in renovation project management. Sally is also one of Assetlab's brilliant coaches and an avid chicken enthusiast.

James Upton: Full time property investor, trader and renovation project manager. James completed 16 deals in his first 12 months of applying these strategies, starting with very little money. When he’s not trading houses or coaching Assetlab clients he likes to put in a hard day’s work on the water, surfing, or on the road, cycling.

David Windler: CEO of Mortgage Supply Company and Mortgage Broker of the year (last two years running!) Dave is also a successful property trader and investor and brings a unique perspective to the subject since he can see things from both sides. When Dave isn’t analysing deals and loans, he may be found analysing a good red wine. David will be conducting a private group Zoom meeting for all Trading Places attendees where you can have all of your questions answered and find out how to finance your trade deals the best way!

Arn Mehta: Co-Founder of Assetlab and professional investor and educator. Nearly 20 years experience in property including building a substantial investment portfolio, property trading, renovating, small-scale development, and recently a focus on the Auckland Unitary Plan. Arn was also a top-performing real estate agent (top 2% internationally) with over 16 years’ experience. Lover of all things to do with sports. All sports. Seriously, he’s obsessed.

Phil Thompson: Co-Founder of Assetlab and professional investor and educator. Over 20 years’ experience in property, ex top-performing real estate agent, multiple business owner and consultant to government departments and high-level corporations. Phil is a fitness-freak with feet like a Hobbit but he knows a thing or two about property.

"Thanks to you all for the great weekend! Met some great people and got a good insight into how trading is done. I liked the way it was all presented. Open, honest and transparent." - Angus, Feb 2020

As with all AssetLab events, this has a full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you feel you haven’t learnt anything by the end of the first session.

You also have our guarantee that AssetLab will not try to sell you a house, apartment or land package at this, or any of our events. We are purely an education provider and exist to help you to become a successful property trader and/or buy-to-hold investor.

It’s going to be great sharing the day with you and also celebrating your wins with you in the future! Register now and we’ll see you there!

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