Create and Sell Cheap Event Tickets With Eventbrite

Create and Sell Cheap Event Tickets With Eventbrite

Eventbrite’s free, easy-to-use ticketing platform is the industry’s leading low-cost solution event organisers trust to create cheap event tickets.

Effortlessly create cheap event tickets that are more affordable for attendees and profitable for event organisers

Eventbrite provides a wealth of customisable options that make it easier than ever to seamlessly create, manage, and sell event tickets online for less with no commission fees.



Sell more affordable event tickets by eliminating added costs for attendees

Eventbrite’s self-service tools and advanced event planning and management technology make it the cheapest way to sell tickets online for your next music concert or sports events. Level up your tickets sales by promoting your events with Eventbrite Boost, the all-in-one marketing platform designed for event organisers.



Increase sales by offering a lower-tier ticket pricing option

You can also increase ticket sales by adding a lower-tier ticket option. Easily set up event promo codes for discounted tickets available in your attendees’ online registration, such as a half-day ticket rather than a full day or access to an online stream of the event.

Your attendees may still pay for the full experience, but the cheap custom tickets will attract prospects who are possible no-shows due to financial reasons or other commitments.



Get the best of Eventbrite’s ticketing software without the high fees

Our customisable online ticketing system gives your customers a seamless experience to easily buy cheap events tickets online using our two-click secure checkout on any device.

You can also set up ticket resale options, enabling your customers to resell their tickets on digital marketplaces, such as Ticketmaster or StubHub.

Event ticketing software that works with your budget

Get started for free and avoid ticketing fees by passing them to attendees.


The basics you need to start selling tickets in minutes.


The full set of tools you need to create, manage, and grow your events.


Tailored partnerships for event pros with large or complex events.

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