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April B - Conscious Family Dynamics

Meet April, Your Friendly Neighbourhood White Witch

Hi I am April Broomhead, a new age transformation coach, light leader, healer & spiritual guide who supports people through healing, coaching & mentoring.

​I specialize in showing people how to use their e-motions as power rather than pain so that no parents can stop suffering with mum guilt and children can feel like they are accepted and belong.

Without safe environment's, we can not prevent the darkness.

Whether you are looking for a hands on healing experience, support to let go of disempowering relationships, new habits to powerfully set healthy boundaries, improve communication or accountability whilst you step up in your own healing modalities I will guide you through to new perspectives that free your mind.

​I use my diverse range of skills to create safe spaces whether I am leading or working the unseen I will always be catching the tiny details and using reiki and various forms of energy healing to guide time and space.

I believe I came to earth to prevent abuse by facilitating people to close the gap between the unconscious and the conscious home.

​Lets make magic an every day thing!


Your parenting programme has listerally changed my life and my ability to be present and show up daily being the best mum I can be that day. These days can vary. How lucky my future children are because of these 8 weeks! Looking forward to our last session tomorrow morning.

KELLIE - Who got up at 3am to attend these morning sessions

Thank you for all that you do! After the session last night, I got my pen to paper and all the feels started to flow through, I then decided to talk about it to my parents and the shift was unbelievable. The words that came from my parents specially my dad was so uplifting, never thought he would say such things. My dad had said "Break the cycle, don't carry what isn't yours anymore" and my mum was like saying how proud she is of me to be doing this work. I feel so free! Like I'm no longer being held down, the chains have broken..

SHELLY - Breaking generational cultural patterns