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Be Inspired - Liz Weatherly

Events are presented by Liz Weatherly, a mindset and mindfulness mentor who combines mindfulness with the Louise Hay Method (Heal Your Life) to assist people to navigate stress, ill health and change.

 Steeped in self awareness and self - healing practices for the past two decades, in 2013 Liz established Auckland - based Be Inspired, a center for teaching and supporting positive life change through the use of the fundamentals of the Louise Hay Method: self- understanding, emotional literacy and radical self-acceptance. In 2019 Mindfulness Meditation was added to the offering, with public and private courses being offered.

 Liz's background teaching, writing and advocating in the health sector, combined with years of personal and teaching practice of self awareness has resulted in a metaphysics practitioner with a down-to-earth, straight-talking and compassionate approach.

 Liz is based in Auckland (New Zealand) but travels throughout the country teaching.

The Louise Hay method incorporates a range of ideas and skills which collectively empower and support individuals to develop a resilient sense of self - worth and gain the ability to move forward following difficult experiences. Key goals of the method  are the development of self - love and acceptance, self awareness (of how the individual thinks and what they believe), emotional intelligence, inner child care,  forgiveness, creative visualization, positive affirmations, and ability to feel connected to the higher self.

Mindfulness is a wonderful adjunct or precursor to a focus on self - worth, as it creates the framework for self - acceptance (a key component of valuing oneself). The MBSM method takes a holistic approach so that the learner is exposed to simple explanations of how our mind and body work in response to stress, to discussion about the role of emotions, why body awareness is a vital component of health, and how to access and experience the "aware self".