Cheryl Strawbridge

Cheryl Strawbridge, the founder and driving force behind Ovio Mindfulness, discovered mindfulness in 2008 when using it as a tool in her thriving life coaching practice. She quickly witnessed the profound transformational effects of mindfulness in both her clients lives and her own.

A scientist by background (with degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology and extensive experience in the healthcare sector), Cheryl was inspired to create her own unique brand of Mindfulness. One to bring the evidence based ancient practices to life in an engaging, practical and inspiring way. And, with support from experienced and respected mindfulness teachers both nationally and internally, … Ovio Mindfulness was born!

“Teaching mindfulness feels like the worthiest way for me to be using my time — teaching people how to be more conscious and deliberate about how they live. When I was younger I advocated for change any way I could to make the world a better place. Now I feel the most effective thing is to work one heart at a time — there is so much potential for positive change in each person, which ripples out into communities, businesses and into the world.” Cheryl Strawbridge.


Demand for Ovio Mindfulness grew quickly and Cheryl now supports and coordinates a global team of experienced professional Mindfulness consultants.


Cheryl runs mindfulness programs at medical and healthcare facilities, worked with businesses in the public and private sector, and coached a range of people from kids to corporate executives.


As a speaker Cheryl inspires audiences at schools and conferences around the country. An impassioned and engaging speaker, she combines her empathetic approach with her vision that a rich and fulfilling life is possible for everyone.


“Cheryl was an amazing facilitator of the Mindfulness course I just attended. Her manner and explanations flowing from our observations were truly insightful.” Zofia- Corporate lawyer.


Cheryl lives in Wellington with her husband, three teenage kids, a cat and two dogs. She has an amazing zest for living life to the fullest, spending time in nature and being with family and friends.



B.Sc. Biochemistry, Physiology and Psychology.
Dip. RM Diploma of Remedial medicine
Certified Relationship coach
Certified Strategic intervention coach
Accredited Mindfulness facilitator
NLP certified
Black belt in Zen do kai
SCUBA diving instructor
Personal meditation practice of 38 years