I come from a small island off the coast of France (Jersey Channel Islands) and have been in New Zealand since 1994. There were a lot of visitations from spirit in the old Victorian house which I grew up in. This experience presented me with many questions at a young age. These questions motivated my search for the meaning of life, death and beyond.

Even then I realised that the basic scientific or religious explanations of these experiences were insufficient, and even more questions arose from the answers she received. She realised that something was amiss and so began my quest to find out more.

My first job was in a travel agency in Jersey, I continued my career as a stewardess on ships, work at airports in the Uk and jersey as handling and ground crew and the worked into business travel working with large corporate companies.

This allowed me to travel the world and open my eyes to the seen and unseen worlds.

I was guided to many wonderful teachers and masters in the physical and non physical search for these answers. These journeys have taken her to over thirty countries over a span of 30+ years.