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Dr Rachel Mcinnes

Hi, I’m Dr Rachel.

Otherwise known as the antithesis to Gwyneth Paltrow.

No gluten-free, dairy-free, taste-free brownies here. Same goes for life. No tasteless, colourless, guiltless life lived within my circle.

Clean living? What’s that?

Something reserved for the Gwynnies of the world*.

*I think - I haven’t found it yet. I’m too busy living a real life.

Real life is just that; real. It doesn’t wait for you to get your shit together. It doesn’t gently roll you out of bed in the mornings with a caress and a kiss. It doesn’t cushion your fall with pink fluffies. And it definitely doesn’t say, “here, go this way, this is the easy way. Don’t go that way, that’s a rough road.”

If it did, I wouldn’t have found myself at the benefit office in my 40s, having left my chronically-sick 12-year old daughter at home by herself. Or selling diamond earrings to meet that week’s rent.

If life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic

If life was all sweet and sugary, I wouldn’t suffer from endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, painful bladder syndrome, central sensitisation, one or two heart arrhythmias, gastritis, and something with the dubious acronym POTS, all packaged up neatly inside a box of good ol’ general anxiety.

But, silver linings and all that, I started my health-based blogging off the back of my maladies. Whilst seriously ill, and also studying for my PhD in well-being and mindfulness, I became passionate about the science behind a healthy lifestyle and, through research on my own personal symptoms, knowing which so-called expert to listen to.

Nowadays, in my role as coach and consultant, I use my love of science and experience of snake oil salesmen to help my clients with the challenge of who or what to trust.

Who is Dr Rachel Really?

Unlike Gwyneth’s brownies, my life has been tasty, colourful, and audacious.

From signing on the dotted line for my first house (purchased on a credit card no less) with a flourish reserved for a 20-something in London on her own, to living in an actual cave in Spain, I have experienced plenty and remember some. But, nevertheless, I bring it all to the table when I’m with my clients.

Throw in a painful separation, a daughter who seems to have inherited my bad health, and more than one what-the-f*ck moments, and I can show up for you, whatever your story.

My career has also been varied and challenging. Spanning 20 years, it has taken me from Auckland, to the UK, to the USA, to Australia, and includes lofty positions in organisational development, change management, learning and development, project management, corporate social responsibility, employee wellbeing, diversity, IT, and generalist HR. I have worked with large corporates, government organisations, SMEs, and Not for Profit organisations.

However, it is the coaching and consulting that has been consistent throughout. I live by my values-based life and I live for helping other women do the same. My passion is changing lives, and I can unfailingly do that through what I have learned and lived.

What I can offer you

• I enable you to live your best life

• I will be the wind beneath your wings

• I can help you to run your race, find your path, climb your mountain

But I can’t help with steaming your hoo-hah. You’ll have to ask Gwynnie about that one.