Dunedin Sound Healing & Past Life Regression


Via sound my intention is to help raise the vibration of our higher selves within & to empower others to explore their own ultimate potential in a safe nurturing environment. Through the use of high quality instruments attuned to ancient healing vibrations, a restorative & trance-like state of relaxation can be experienced. Each instrument can activate or unlock a specific energy center, harmonizing our Chakras. The Binaural resonance of the sound waves stimulates our brain & balances our nervous system by stimulating every cell within us.

With a background in Energy work, Sound Healing. Meditation & Yoga, Trance-work, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Esoteric principles, Brittany has a unique plethora of healing modalities to offer. She specializes in shadow work- in digging to the depths of our subconscious behaviors to better navigate the here and now. By recognizing these aspects of ourselves that often get brushed aside, we can face our own limitations and ultimately free ourselves, unleashing our greatest potential.

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