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Equity Matters

Equity Matters (EM) are a specialist equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and people change consultancy based in New Zealand/Aotearoa. At EM we passionately believe in the transformational potential of EDI and the importance of creating and sustaining a workplace culture that is genuinely inclusive that enables people to produce great mahi.

EM has a dedicated team of seriously experienced and talented EDI and people specialists with over 100 years of combined New Zealand and international experience - who want to help your organisation to do what it does, even better!

We provide a comprehensive range of EDI, culture and people services ranging from bespoke training solutions and consultancy, right through to EDI/culture organisation benchmarking and disputes resolution.

We run a wide range of bespoke face to face and online training events as well as:

  • Providing onsite consultancy support
  • People and organisational audits
  • Strategy 'away day' facilitation support
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion and organisation culture bench marking
  • Employment relations/HR independent disputes resolution service
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