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Eyes Open Retreats With Arohananda Ma

I attribute my steady opened eyed perspective to the Enlightened  teaching and demonstrations of  the Living Crazy Wisdom Maste Sri YanchiGuruji...

I have been studying in His company for over 12 years and am now spreading my wings from His protective all abiding teaching embrace to offer men and woman a series of workshops and discourses around a series of topics that throughout my study with Master Yanchiji have held a great interest for me.  These will all be given from the perspective of Satsang, which means to be in the company of Truth. This practically means to, speak, listen and action from the unshakable conviction that we were never a problem because we are inherently divine and Life given.

I would like to bust through fairy tale myths on the subjects of death, sexuality and self awareness and will also be holding introductory evenings on Ishta Guru Bhakti Yoga or the relationship between an Enlightended Master and a devotee student  and why this ancient and sacred relationship is still necessary and required in this day and age.

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