Jane Gruebner


Jane Gruebner is dedicated to creating events that IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT!

Working, training and teaching with Mind- Body- Soul for over 25 years, Jane has become more of a mentor to many people and means she has become specialised in assisting people on their journey of evolution and expansion of Self.

Awakening people to their potential is what ignites Jane. She works in an honest way - sometimes almost in a 'raw truth' way!

Jane believes that we are to be complete within ourselves, in order to experience that, we need to deal with why and what is making us feel incomplete....so she has developed and created many methods and processes to literally change our consciousness on the spot thus generating the potential of a new version of who we are and our potential.

"To see people's eyes light up and their vision of how they wish to move forward in life fills my heart - it is why I do what I do." says Jane


"I am now flying high like an eagle.

Deep resentment, from childhood. Sense of self -pity, found it hard to develop and maintain long term relationships. A feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, and very self-critical. Smothered by mother, family and friends. Always wanted to please, and make others happy. Most of the time at my expense. In relationships, I was physically and mentally abused.

Wake up day arrived. I was told I had breast cancer. Halfway through Chemo a lovely friend told me about Jane. I now have a different approach to life. I love it, and so grateful for all I have. The resentment, self-pity and other things that I had problems with are no longer a concern."

- Pauleen, woman 40s

"Jane is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience, where through a structured framework but very much with a personal approach to her coaching, she assisted me in developing more quickly my understanding of the mind, body and spirit, making any next steps (personal and professional) more thoughtful and more effortless.

Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools combining the scientific, psychological and spiritual gave me a real boost along my journey. I highly recommend coaching with Jane Gruebner."

Jacob Feenstra, Melbourne, Australia