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Karen Perese | Tai Waru - Online SME Consultants for WebPlay NZ

If you own and operate a kiwi small business, but struggle to get your business online, make the time to connect with Karen Perese | Tai Waru from Webplay NZ.

Karen and Tai have spent years helping kiwi small businesses get online. Building websites, teaching clients one on one, ranking their client websites to the top of the search engines with safe expert SEO and now they take their knowledge, passion and team into  New Zealand communities to spread the word.

That getting your business online is not easy, it is not hard, you just have to start.

After years online Karen reconised a pattern of generic difficulties facing kiwi small business owners. 

Why is it so expensive? How come people can't find my website? How much should I pay? Why can't  I load my own content? Do free websites really work? I spent a fortune but nothing work's.

The amount of wrong information and poor service out there is hindering kiwi small business. It depletes the confidence of business owners about the internet.

So both Karen and Tai decided to do something about it. They want to help more people faster.

Kiwi SME is the back bone of the New Zealand economy, yet too many small business remain offline. And those online are getting crippling poor results after spending sometimes thousands of dollars.

That just can't happen anymore. It shouldn't as the world accelerates ahead within the online economy, NZ SME is getting left behind.

It's as simple as this, the more kiwi businesses get online SUCCESSFULLY the better families throughout New Zealand will be. It add's to our economy, to our people and nation.

We have too many businesses that have amazing services, stunning products, but the world cannot see them.

We drive not just revenue into businesses invisible from the internet, but change people's lives in the process. If the business is successful online it will be successful offline. Families of those business BENEFIT.

Then our communities and the country as a whole.

Thats what we're about. We are Webplay and we are coming to your community soon.

See you there.

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