louise wedlake

My mission is to give you a confident foundation in Yoga - have you ever walked into a Yoga studio and felt overwhelmed or intimidated? Have you ever though, I'll never be able to do that, while some super yogis perform Cirque de Soleil worthy poses? Have you left thinking that you'll never go back? I understand I have been there and I don't want these feelings to hold you back from enjoying the beauty of Yoga. So I'm launching Foundation Yoga in the New Year, offering Hatha Yoga 101 classes for absolute beginners, or for those with a little knowledge who want to deepen their understanding. We will work on basic breathing techniques, we will break down poses to fully understand the correct alignment and we will work towards deepening our practice. Foundation Yoga offers a fun, open, comfortable space that is accepting, non judgmental, encourages questions and promotes yoga as a means to find a little more peace, a little more strength, a little more flexibility, and a little more stability.

Please ask me question, please reach out, I'm happy to help and excited to start building your yoga foundation.