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Lynch Phibbs Ltd.

Lynch Phibbs Limited provides business development services essential to establish a new business, or to expand and grow an existing business. 

While starting a new business is exciting, we recognise it as being a major decision in one’s life. Time, money and energy are saved when relevant, proven strategic support is established.


Expanding and growing a business is just as challenging as starting a new business. Intelligent business expansion needs to be wisely planned and implemented to ensure that the existing business is not put at any risk. 

Collaborating with you on…

ü  Strategic Planning

ü  Business Planning

ü  Financial Awareness

ü  Generating Cashflow & Profit Forecasts,

ü  Organisational Review

ü  Trust Review

ü  Proactive Accounting

ü  KPI Development

ü  Core Values Development

ü  Value Based Selling

ü  Succession Planning

ü  Cashflow Management

ü  Planning for the purchase of assets

ü  Writing proposals to finance institutions for loan facilities if necessary

…will give you peace of mind that all has been done accurately and professionally to ensure achievement of success.

Saving a remarkable amount of time, substituting stress with creative brainstorming and access to the collective wisdom of our team are significant gains.

Our Purpose:

Deliver Coaching and Consulting to businesses leaders to enhance their creativity, potential and success in order to help them achieve the three freedoms: 

Financial Freedom,

Time Freedom

Mind Freedom


Our Vision:

To build a business community where people use effectively our collective intelligence in achieving their business and personal goals.

We listen and care about your personal and business dreams, needs and resources.

We are not selling hype or hope but proven business development solutions delivering empathy and enduring value to our clients.

 With our business development service we recognise the importance of working on your business, not just in it.  Our aim is to provide enduring value to our clients through this service.

Try us out!

Book a no obligation, complimentary review of your plans, ideas or your existing business and see if you will benefit from this coaching and consulting.

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