Mandy Beverley

Mandy Beverley is the founder of the Remarkable Group. Specialising in self leadership and the untold benefits of balanced thinking, she helps you gain insights to breakthrough and dissolve perceptions, beliefs and feelings that are holding you back in life and business.

As business owners our responsibility is to focus on keeping our minds resourceful, focused, resilient and most of all inspired. Self Leadership is essential to your success so your business can do what it’s purpose is and not become a reflection of your state of mind.

Being part of the Venus Training Academy Team allows me to help you stay focused on your goals and dreams, by making them achievable and do-able. We are so good at owning our smallness now its time to own our greatness.

The Venus Training Academy programmes are geared to your success in life and business. I love to help you step into the potential and possibilities that exist for you.

“When we own even a small part of our vastness, we connect and integrate at a level that inspires greatness, internal calmness and a sense of being that is balanced and harmonious with the world around us.” 
Mandy Beverley
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