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Motyf Festival 2021

Motyf is an International Symposium and Media Art Exhibition that explores current and future forms of interactive and motion typography expressed through art, design, space and technology. The theme of the 2021 Festival is “Communicating Complexity” and will broadly explore how the elements and principles of visual, motion and interactive design can be leveraged within sequential, interactive, spatial or experiential works to authentically inform our understanding of society, elucidate complex concepts or aid in the communication of data.

Founded by Prof. Ewa Satalecka, Prof. Anja Stöffler and Prof. Ralf Dringenberg in 2013, Motyf has a special focus on initiating discussion between academics and industry practitioners about interactive and dynamic media text design and delivery. It aims to run bi-annually, each time taking a new theme and opening up further discourse amongst a greater number of interested stakeholders, students, academics and industry professionals. Motyf welcomes contributions from a spectrum of disciplines: design, technology, media and creative arts.

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