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Nikki Lockwood - Toxic Into Triumph

Nikki Lockwood believes in helping others through the power of life's lessons and experiences.  She is very passionate about empowering others to shed toxic influences from their lives, as she personally knows how damaging these are to us and how the prevent us from living happy and healthy lives.

When Nikki hit rock bottom, she was in a relationship with a very abusive partner, who wore her down to a hollow shell of the person she once was and is today.  She suffered from depression, anxiety, suicidal attempts, eating disorders.  It was so bad, that she couldn't even function enough mentally to hold down a job, take care of her finances, she couldn't even taken care of her well-being.  It was the darkest time in her life, and it has impacted her to be who she is today.

When she finally ended that relationship, she was damaged and broken as a person.  She had a lot of issues to overcome, she set out on a journey of self-healing, self-preservation, and self-discovery.  

Just over two years later, Nikki is now living a happier and healthier life than she ever dreamed was possible.  

She is so excited and so passionate about sharing her story and her journey with you all, in hopes of connecting and helping others who are currently at rock bottom in their lives.  By sharing her story and her steps to happiness and being healthy, she hopes that no other person has to endure the terrorising and soul-destroying events or relationships, to the degree she did. 

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