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Positive Choice

My mission is simply to inspire and empower you to a healthier, happier life.


This is both our code of conduct. I will bring my fullest to your sessions and you will do the same. Let's honour this code and together, the change will be great.

To yourself, to your Positive Choice team mates, to the process, to the appointment and to the session. Commit.

Go beyond your limitations, have the courage to give everything to your session/workout, have the courage to investigate your barriers and blast through them.
Be Brave.

Be a friend to yourself firstly! Show support, love and kindness to yourself and all around you.
I will from time to time practise tough love!

Respect yourself, your body, your feelings and say YES, or no, fully! Trust the process and respect all on their own journey.

Celebrate all successes - however small. Celebrate each workout, each session, each breakthrough, each REP, each 'I got this' moment. Celebrate everytime you show up, not only turning up, but SHOWING up is worth celebration!!

This is the Positive Choice Code. Please honour yourself and the code will naturally follow.