Prof. Susan Krumdieck

Dr. Susan Krumdieck moved from the USA to New Zealand in 2000. She has worked with more than 25 PhD students, academic collaborators from a wide range of disciplines, and with practicing engineers, businesses, communities, economists and councils on the research underpinnings of transition to low carbon and regenerative real value. In 2010 she was recognized as the IET Prestige Lecturer and presented a lecture outlining the proposition of Transition Engineering across New Zealand and around the world. She was a founding member of the Global Association for Transition Engineering in 2018, and published the first book on Transition Engineering in 2019. She has published over 150 peer reviewed works and earned more than $7.5M in research funding. In 2020 she will be taking up an academic leadership position as Professor of Energy Transition Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, where she will be working with the people of Orkney to achieve a transition to zero carbon within 5 years.

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