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Q. Carter

My name is Wayne Sr. Event Coordinator at Put YA Self On Entertainment. If you are interested in performing at our upcoming #Pyso City2City Underground Indie Concert  please respond back..
We need 5-6 artist to Headline our 2nd annual PYSO City2City Tour we look forward to connecting with you..
Open Mic $15
 6 Minute Slot $25
 12 Minute Slot $50
 20 Minute Slot $100
-You will receive 40 physical tickets after registration fee is payed, you should sell tickets for $10 a piece.
-Artist that has strong fan-base presence at event (Most tickets sold) will Headline next PYSO event held in next city / and placed on tour roster for 2nd annual tour
- Return Money or tickets day of event,
Money from ticket sales are collected at event, 
-money from ticket sales will Fund the artist chosen to go on tour that night.. 
- at the end of event, You may recoup your registration fee from Your ticket sales 
-(Must sale minimum of ten tickets  to do so, money is reimbursed at the end of the event)
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