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Richard Taylor, Thomas Consultants

I work predominantly in the area of water loss management, and mostly within New Zealand. I have completed numerous water balances (and associated review of data, processes etc), a number of water loss strategies, and have designed network sectorization and pressure management for a number of networks. I have completed two significant asset management assignments - in Western Samoa (3 months in 2012) and for American samoa (2016).

I have strong water supply operational and planning experience due to my 22 years at the former Waitakere City Council in Auckland where I was responsible for the water supply network and directly involved with the sectorization of the network (70,000 connections) including pressure management. Non-Revenue water was reduced from 25% to 11%, and levels of real water losses were reduced to world class standards (ILI of 1.0).

I lead several national water loss initiatives (Benchmarking of Water Losses in New Zealand, and joint author of the NZ Water Loss Guidelines), and organised three national water loss conferences (in conjunction with WaterNZ) in 2006, 2008 and 2010.