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Rollickin Gelato

Rollickin Gelato is a Christchurch home-grown gelato cafe who loves to create the best desserts eva.

We are all about lovin our community, hosting & supporting fun events.

How we create the good dessert stuff. Whip it, whip it good!’

The Rollickin Gelato chefs are up before the crack of dawn making & creating fresh every day. They use wholesome ingredients like creamy, nutrient rich organic milk & cream to create each scoop from scratch.

This ground up approach yields gelato that is chock full of flavour and fun.They whip up all of the cookies, crumbles, cakes and ripples that get folded into the decadent gelato. That’s right, even the accoutrements are made from scratch here. Dessert enthusiasts can peer into the wonderland that is the Rollickin kitchen and watch these concoctions come to life.

About ten crowd flavours are always on offer and so are dairy-free sorbets which, we might add, aren’t just there to check a box. They’re just as tasty. In addition to these, Rollickin rolls out three new flavours every two weeks.

And don’t worry - if you want vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free licks? We’ve got you covered.