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Sean Foster

Are you ready to be the best of you? The only problem with this statement is that it has become a little bit cliche', but it is so true.  Without you firing on all six cylinders you cannot expect to perform like an ace or to inpsire your team.

Could this be you?:  You run a good business, or are a manager, or you are in charge of a sales territory.  You may have been doing so for a year or 10 years, makes no difference! You may be struggling with cash flow, staff loyalty, overhead costs, aggressive competitors, rising costs, commoditisation of your product or market, or you could be acing all of these - makes no difference! As a business owner, manager or sales expert, this applies to all of us.  This is what we face:

* scarce resources - you are not alone.  We never have enough cash, super productive team members or enough hours in the day (and many more rarities)

* we are seldom, if ever 100% sure on the decisions we make. We make decisions, but are they really the best ones?

* that little guy in your head keeps on planting the seed of doubt - again, you are not alone, we all have one of those!

Well I work with business owners, managers and sales staff to get clarity on how to further improve their results, no matter if they are struggling or doing really well but would lke to accelerate that success. I focus on empowering your belief systems, training and coaching on dynamic sales systems and creating living strategy implementations.

 In case you want to know a little about who I am:

After 4 years of university study (Bachelor of Science) I joined a company and was sent out to sell! Completely unprepared, untrained, I was expected to deliver. What's wrong with this? The reality is most companies still do this today, again and again. Later on, after completing an MBA and gaining further real world experience in getting a sales team to sell a new range of agricultural products, I started my own company. Loved it! Was I prepared? Not by a long shot. Decision making was tricky on the key elements, most "events" were ambigious, more often than not it felt like life was leading me along rather than the other way round.  Seldom was there a right or a wrong option. Things just took longer to achieve. Despite having"engaged" staff they often surprised me with their lack of "loyalty." Cash is king, and boy, was managing cash flow a challenge for a growing company! I even used a number of mentors through the years - most had little impact on the bottom line. But one did, and I give him huge credit.  But jump forward to today, I have kept my shareholding, sit on the board but decided to follow my calling and create a bigger impact by coaching and advising to SME businesses, leaders and ambitious sales people.  

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