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Urban Legends is a team based, competitive, inclusive, fitness event.

Whether you are a CrossFit competitor, a sportsman or a regular gym goer, you are welcome to get a crew of mates together and put your fitness to the test!

At each event you will compete in 4 x 10 minute workouts where your team will score points through completing various exercises for reps, cals, distance and time.

Each event location is totally different therefore each event is totally different.

Included in your ticket price is your official Urban Legends Athlete tee from Under Armour.

Food, supplements and drinks from our fuel and hydration partners.

Your 4 workouts plus a highlight reel for your team!


You know that guy or girl from school or the gym? Super fast, really strong, always won the cross country. Probably should’ve been an athlete but for whatever reason didn’t quite make it. These are our Urban Legends and we want to find them.

Many of us love working out but miss the camaraderie of being in a team.

After high school or university most of us stop playing team sports altogether. Instead we hit the gym solo in an effort to keep fit and healthy.

Well we know how important that feeling of being part of a team is. We thrive on it. The motivation, the laughs, the struggles and the victories.

Being part of a team and a community gives us that little bit more oomph that we need. To aim a little higher, to work a little harder day in day out and to strive for something bigger than just ourselves.

“After I retired from the NBL I took up bodybuilding in order to fill that competitive void. But working out by myself in a totally one dimensional sport quickly became a drag and I lost my love for fitness. Competing in these functional fitness events with my team filled that gap in my life and gave me that desire to push myself again.” Joshua Clark - Founder.

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