Vic Folk offers all kinds of opportunities to learn, play and dance to traditional Celtic music. We host ceilidhs, sessions, concerts and workshops, and a festival in trimester 2.
We welcome musicians at all levels, and offer a platform for organising folk music events. Come and talk to us if you’re interested in getting something going!
We have weekly practices during term time where you can learn the music, and a range of workshops during the year.
Although we do host concerts, our music making is usually more informal: sessions and ceilidhs are at the heart of it. In a session, musicians sit around a table and generally pick up the music by ear. There aren’t any set lists or arrangements, and the emphasis is on listening to those around you. A ceilidh (pronounced kaylee) is more of a party: the word means ‘get-together’ in Gaelic. As with sessions, the emphasis is not on performing but on sharing the experience of live music, and it's the easiest and most fun dancing you'll find anywhere. Come along and see for yourself!
Sorry, there are no upcoming events