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Eventbrite has partnered with the world’s largest social network to launch a new checkout experience on Facebook that enables people to buy tickets or register without ever leaving your Facebook Event. At no extra cost, you can now sell tickets or enable registration directly on Facebook if your event qualifies.

By allowing people to purchase tickets through Facebook’s new end-to-end checkout, you can drastically boost your bottom line. People are no longer redirected from Facebook to a ticketing page to buy or register for your event. Instead, their payment information, name, and email address are automatically pulled directly into Facebook’s checkout, making it easier and more likely that they complete their order. Events that sell tickets directly on Facebook drive 2X more sales and free registrations on average than events that redirect to a ticketing page.

Not to mention, when ticket buyers complete an order on Facebook, they can easily mark themselves as “going” to your event, which automatically shares that  RSVP with their friends. Your Facebook Event might even show up in more News Feeds, regardless of shares. Events published to Facebook through Eventbrite’s free tool get recommended more often in Facebook search results and News Feeds.

How do I get started?Once you publish your event listing on Eventbrite, simply go to the “Manage” page on your Eventbrite dashboard. From there, hit the “Add to Facebook” tool to create your Facebook Event and select the ticket you’d like to sell.

If you’d prefer to create your Facebook Event on Facebook, include the URL of your Eventbrite listing in the ticketing field of your Facebook Event as you create it and follow the steps when prompted.

Already created a Facebook Event and still want to sell tickets? Select the “Add to Facebook” tool on your Eventbrite dashboard and follow the prompts to add your Eventbrite tickets to an existing Facebook Event in a few simple steps.

You can also track ticket sales on your Eventbrite analytics dashboards. Check out our Help Center for more information.

“It’s difficult to overstate the advantages offered via Eventbrite’s Facebook integration for events. Any time you are able to cut down on redirects for a customer you up your conversion. Less hassle means more sales."— Marco De La Vega, Director of Marketing at Mezzanine

“Providing seamless, in-line purchase experiences helps our event organizers sell more tickets and gives ticket buyers a better experience."— Tamara Mendelsohn, General Manager for Consumer Products at Eventbrite in an interview with VentureBeat

Below are some articles resources from the Eventbrite Help Center that might be of use as you look to add your Eventbrite event to Facebook.

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