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Add your event to Facebook

Add your Eventbrite event to Facebook to easily promote your event and sell tickets faster. There are two options with 'Add to Facebook' through Eventbrite: add tickets to an existing Facebook event, or let Eventbrite create a new event on Facebook based on the event details you put in.

1. Check this before you start:

Use the checklist below to make sure your event can be added to Facebook. ☑️ Your event needs to have a physical location. Make sure Google Maps recognises the location on Eventbrite and fill out the address completely, including the zip code. ☑️ The tickets need to be free and/or paid. They also need to be live and visible. Donation tickets can't be added to Facebook. ☑️ The payment processor has to be set to Eventbrite Payment Processing (EPP). You'll still be able to sell tickets on Facebook through PayPal as long as the processor is set to EPP on Eventbrite and the tickets have USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, SGD, HKD, or NZD as a currency. ☑️ If your event only has free tickets, you can use Facebook all over the world. If you're selling paid tickets, the event must be held in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the UK, or the US. ☑️ Tickets with group registrations or access codes can't be added to Facebook. Access codes can only be used on Eventbrite. ☑️ You can only add tickets to a Facebook event created on a eblink{Facebook Page=>} — not to a eblink{Facebook Group=>} or your personal user profile. Make sure the Facebook Page is published and eblink{public=>}.

2. Go to your event's Manage page and click 'Invite & Promote'.

Select 'Add to Facebook' from the menu. On the page, agree on the email marketing terms by ticking the box. Then click 'Connect to Facebook'.

3. Log in to Facebook.

Connect your Facebook account by logging in to Facebook using your Facebook login email and password. If you've never accessed Facebook from within your Eventbrite account, you'll need to grant permission for Eventbrite to publish and update your event details on the pages you select.

4. Page Setup.

From here you can have two options: Eventbrite creates a new Facebook event for you based on your event details, or you can link your tickets to an existing Facebook event on your Facebook page. 1. - New event: you'll only see the option to add the event to Facebook. - Existing event: click 'Link tickets to existing Facebook event'. 2. - New event: Select a Facebook page for your event. If you only have one page, it is automatically selected. - Existing event: Select a Facebook page for your event. If you only have one page, it is automatically selected. Make sure to also select the correct event. 3. Check if the event location matches your venue. Click on the dropdown under 'Event location' to select the correct one. 4. Click 'Continue'.

5. Details.

Select the ticket types you want to sell on Facebook and click 'Continue'. Keep in mind that: • Tickets need to be free or paid, visible, and on sale. • Facebook only collects basic information such as the main ticket buyer's first and last name, email address, billing address, shipping address, and waiver. Only the first and last names for other attendees are collected. Other custom questions will not be visible on Facebook. eblink{Learn more=>}.

6. Review and Publish.

1. - New event: review your event. You can edit details under 'Edit' if needed. Click 'Continue'. - Existing event: Click finish. The tickets are now added to your existing Facebook event. 2. - New event: publish the event on Facebook right away, or save a draft version so you can publish it later. If your Eventbrite event is still in 'Draft', you can choose to publish your event on Facebook at the same time you publish your Eventbrite event. Click 'Finish' to confirm your choice.

7. Helpful links.

Find more information around Facebook and other promotional tools: • eblink{Troubleshooting Eventbrite's Facebook feature=>} • eblink{Best practises for managing your Eventbrite event after publishing to Facebook=>} • eblink{How to add a Facebook Pixel to your event=>} • eblink{Capturing responses to canned and custom questions on Facebook=>} • eblink{How to use Eventbrite's promotional tools=>} • eblink{Getting started with Paid Social Ads=>}

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