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Create group ticket types (like “buy one, get one free”)

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Category: Creating an event

Create group tickets (like “buy one, get one” or table tickets) to encourage attendees to bring their friends. To get started, go to “Tickets” and create a new ticket type. Then update your settings to prevent overselling or show how many tickets are left.

<h2 id="01">Create group tickets (like “buy one, get one” or table tickets)</h2> To create group tickets, set the price of the ticket as the price of a single ticket. Then, restrict the number of tickets per order in the “Advanced settings”. This ensures that attendees buy the correct amount of tickets. <h3 id="01-1">1. Go to “Tickets”.</h3> <p>Go to &quot;eblink{Manage events=&gt; target=_blank}&quot; in your account. Then select your event. From your Event Dashboard, click “Tickets”.</p> <h3 id="01-2">2. Create a new ticket type or update an existing ticket type.</h3> <p>Select “Create ticket” to create a new ticket. Click an existing ticket type to update its settings.</p> <h3 id="01-3">3. Add the ticket name and price per ticket.</h3> <p>The price should be the price for a single ticket, not the overall price. For example, if you’re selling a $20 ticket as a “buy one, get one” promotion, set the price to be $10. If you’re selling a table of 10 seats for $500, set the price to be $50.</p> <h3 id="01-4">4. Update “Tickets per order” (under “Advanced settings”).</h3> <p>Update the tickets per order to ensure attendees buy the correct amount of tickets. For “buy one, get one” promotions, set the minimum and maximum to 2. For table tickets, set the minimum and maximum to the number of seats at the table.</p> <h3 id="01-5">5. Optional: Collect information from each attendee.</h3> <p>By default, Eventbrite only collects information from the ticket buyer. If you need to collect names and email addresses from each attendee, eblink{follow these steps=&gt;}.</p> <h2 id="02">Update your ticket settings to prevent overselling and drive sales.</h2> <h3 id="02-1">— Prevent overselling by setting a total capacity.</h3> <p>By default, the capacity for your event is the total number of tickets available per ticket type. If you have 50 early bird and 50 standard tickets available, the total capacity for your event is 100. To change this:</p> <ol><li>Select “Total Capacity”.</li><li>Tick the box to “Limit Total Capacity”.</li><li>Enter the maximum number of tickets you want to sell.</li><li>Save your changes.</li></ol> <h3 id="02-2">— Hide your tickets behind a promotional code.</h3> <p>To hide your ticket behind a code:</p> <ol><li>Edit your ticket type.</li><li>Go to “Advanced settings”.</li><li>Change the visibility to “Hidden” and save your changes.</li><li>eblink{Create an access code for this ticket type=&gt;}.</li></ol>

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