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Getting paid with Eventbrite Payment Processing

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Category: Getting Paid (Payouts & Invoices)

If you're hosting a paid event, Eventbrite Payment Processing is the default method for accepting payments online. Eventbrite sends your payout 5 days after the completion of your event. Then, your bank and location will determine how long it takes for the money to show in your account.

<h2 id="01">Add or update your bank account</h2> <p>Confirm or change your payment processor by selecting an event and clicking “Payment Options” (under “Payments &amp; Tax). Then: </p> <ol><li>Go to “Payout Method” (under &quot;Payments &amp; Tax&quot;) and click &quot;Add New Payout Method&quot;.</li><li>Fill out the bank details and click &quot;Create&quot;.</li><li>Select your new bank account in the drop-down menu.</li></ol> <p>The method you select in the drop-down menu is automatically saved. Eventbrite also sends an email notification when you successfully change a payout method on your event. </p> <h2 id="02">Delete unused bank accounts</h2> <ol><li>Go to your “Account Settings” and select “Organisation Settings”. </li><li>Select “Payment Information” and click the three-dots next to a payout method.</li><li>Click “Delete”. </li></ol> <h2 id="03">Payout schedule</h2> <p>To customise your payout schedule, <a href="" target="_blank">confirm you’re using our Professional or Premium package</a>. Then, choose between the following payout schedules:</p> <ul><li>Single payout (Default): We&#39;ll start processing a single payout 5 days after your event&#39;s end date.</li><li>Twice a month: Payouts start processing on the 1st and 15th of the month.</li><li>Every week: Payouts start processing weekly on Wednesdays.</li></ul> <p>In the U.S., it takes up to 5 business days (7 business days internationally) for the funds to show in your account once a payout is sent. The payout schedule you choose will be applied to all the events in your Eventbrite account that use Eventbrite Payment Processing. </p> <h2 id="04">Payout delays</h2> <p>If you haven’t received your payout within the standard payout timeline:</p> <ul><li>Check your email for a message from Eventbrite about your payout.</li><li>Review the other <a href="" target="_blank">reasons why you haven’t received your payout</a> to understand and resolve any delays. </li></ul> <h2 id="05">Supported payout countries, currencies, and payment methods</h2> <p>You can use Eventbrite Payment Processing if your bank is located in the following countries: </p> <table border="1" style="width: 100%;"><tbody><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1"><b>Payout country</b></td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1"><b>Currency</b></td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1"><b>Attendee payment methods</b></td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Argentina</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">ARS</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, Pago Fácil, Rapipago</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Australia</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">AUD</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, PayPal</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Austria, Germany</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">EUR</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, SOFORT, SEPA Direct Debit, PayPal</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Belgium, The Netherlands</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">EUR</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, Bancontact, iDEAL, PayPal</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Brazil</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">BRL</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, Hipercard, Elo, Boleto</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Canada</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">CAD + USD</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, PayPal</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">EUR</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, PayPal</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Hong Kong SAR China</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">HKD</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Mexico</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">MXN</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, OXXO</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">New Zealand</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">NZD</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Singapore</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">SGD</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">United Kingdom</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">GBP</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, PayPal</td></tr><tr><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">United States</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">USD</td><td colspan="1" rowspan="1">Credit/debit card, PayPal, PayPal Pay in 4</td></tr></tbody></table> <p>Depending on the event date and ticket price, certain payment methods may not be available to your ticket buyers. Eventbrite Payment Processing supports most currencies. If you don&#39;t see your currency, you can eblink{use PayPal to process payments=&gt;}.</p> <h2 id="06">Related articles</h2> <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">View and export detailed payout reports</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">Reasons why you haven’t received your payout</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">How to reissue a returned payout</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">Eventbrite’s fees</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">Payment processing options for your ticket sales</a></li></ul>

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