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Where are my tickets?

The easiest way to get your tickets is to find your email order confirmation; tickets are usually attached as a PDF file you can print. Can't find them, having trouble printing, or not sure if you have an Eventbrite account? Just enter your email address at eblink{>}. You can also log into the eblink{Eventbrite app=>} or reference the eblink{Tickets=>} page within your account. If you think you typo'd your email address, you can check eblink{here=>}.

NOTE: If you're having trouble printing tickets attached to your order confirmation email or on the Tickets page of your Eventbrite account, try pulling them up in the eblink{Eventbrite app=>}. Alternatively, if you want to make special arrangements to receive your tickets (by mail or held at the event for pick up), you'll need to eblink{contact the event organiser=>}.

Option 1: Check the confirmation email.

Tickets are usually attached to your order confirmation as a PDF file.

NOTE: Some event organisers disable PDF tickets since they don't need tickets to check in their attendees so you may not see a file attached to the email or a link to download your tickets.

Option 2: Find your tickets in the Eventbrite app.

You can access your ticket barcodes and event information using the Eventbrite app for eblink{iOS=>} or eblink{Android=>}.

NOTE: If you've signed up to be registered for specific free events automatically, using an unrelated third-party registration service, your tickets will not be visible within the eblink{Eventbrite app=>}. Tickets associated with such registrations are not tied to an Eventbrite account related to your specific email address, and can only be referenced on the order confirmation email received.

Option 3: Log in and go to Tickets on

eblink{Log in=> target=_blank} like you normally would, or go eblink{here=>} and enter the email address you used at registration to get started, then enter your password. Access the account menu, then select "Tickets." Then click your order (under "Upcoming Events") and choose "Print Tickets."

TIP: You can select "Manage Order" to eblink{edit the information on your order=>}, as long as this is allowed by the event organiser.

PRO TIP: If there isn't a "Print Tickets" button, the organiser disabled PDF tickets and you don't need to print a ticket for the event. Check your order confirmation email and/or the event registration page for event instructions or to eblink{contact the organiser with any questions=>}.

NOTE: If you haven't set a password for your account, we'll send you an email with a link to set your password. If you've forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link to eblink{reset it=>}.

Option 4: Go back to the event listing.

If you're eblink{logged into your Eventbrite account=> target=_blank}, you'll see a banner when you revisit the event page that says, "You're going to this event!" Then all you have to do is select "View your order."

Option 5: Contact the organiser.

If you've tried all of these options and still can't find your tickets, eblink{contact the event organiser for help=>}.

TIP: Learn how to eblink{update registration information=>}, eblink{cancel a free ticket=>}, or eblink{request a refund=>}.

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