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There are multiple ways to find your tickets. It's easiest to check your email for an order confirmation from Eventbrite. Another option is to log in to Eventbrite and find the order under “Tickets”. If you don’t see your tickets, contact the event organiser and ask them to resend your order confirmation.

<h3 id="1">— Search for an email from</h3> <p>Your tickets are available as a PDF attachment. If there&#39;s no PDF attached, the event organiser will either send your tickets closer to the event date or has another way to check you in at the event.  Please check your confirmation email for details and instructions.<br><br>Also be sure to check your spam or junk folders. If you don’t see an email from Eventbrite, there may be a typo in the email address you entered on your tickets. Contact the organiser to have them check their records. Make sure to give them your first and last name, and your preferred email address.</p> <h3 id="2">— Check your Eventbrite account</h3> <p dir="ltr"><b>Computer </b>(desktop/web):</p> <ol><li><a href="" target="_blank">Log into Eventbrite</a>.</li><li>Enter the email address you used to register.</li><li>Click “Get started”.</li><li>Enter your password.</li><li>Go to your account &gt; Tickets to find your order</li><li>Click the event name.</li><li>Select &quot;Print Tickets&quot;.</li></ol> <p><b>Mobile </b>(<a href="" target="_self">iOS</a>):</p> <ol dir="ltr"><li>Download the <a href="" target="_blank">Eventbrite App</a>.</li><li>Log in using the email address on your order and your Eventbrite password.</li><li>Tap the “tickets” icon.</li><li>Find your tickets (under “Upcoming” or “Past tickets”). Then tap to select. </li></ol> <p><b>Mobile </b>(<a href="" target="_self">Android</a>):</p> <ol><li>Download the <a href="" target="_blank">Eventbrite App</a>.</li><li>Login using the email address on your order and your Eventbrite password.</li><li>Tap the profile icon (far-right side of the bottom toolbar).</li><li>Find your order (Upcoming events show first. Swipe up to see tickets registered for past events).</li><li>Tap the “tickets” icon to select.</li></ol> <p>If you haven&#39;t set a password for your account, we&#39;ll email you a link to set it. If you&#39;ve forgotten your password, <a href="" target="_blank">reset it</a>.</p> <h3 id="3">— Contact the event organiser</h3> <p>If you still can’t find your tickets, <a href="" target="_self">contact the event organiser</a> with the name on your order and purchase date. They can find your order and resend the confirmation email.</p>

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